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How to create flower tattoos that are blooming brilliant


Are your clients requesting the same basic flower tattoo designs time and time again? While an iconically timeless tattoo subject, you might be getting a little bored of creating the same-old floral tattoo art.

We're here to help you mix up your floral repertoire and take your flower tattoos to the next level. Read on for some excellent tattoo tips or shop coloured tattoo ink now to highlight those vibrant petals and light up luscious leaves.

How to draw flower tattoo designs?

When designing a flower tattoo, it is important to consider your own personal tattoo style. Different flowers lend themselves to different styles and techniques, from realistic depictions to dainty outlines.


Delicate flower tattoos on a woman's hand


To create a successful design, take into account each flower's associated meaning and your own skillset. Colour can really bring your design to life and capture a flower's natural beauty. Black and grey designs often add an extra layer of detail and sophistication to floral body art.

Delicate flower tattoos

If you're a tattoo artist who prefers to work in a more light-handed tattoo style, your body art might feature more fine lines and dainty details. Certain flowers lend themselves perfectly to this style, such as the cherry blossom or daisy. Delicate flower tattoos aim to create a soft, feminine artwork that captures nature's beauty.

To achieve this look, tattoo artists often opt for a small flower tattoo design and use fine line work and subtle colours such as pastels or whites to bring it to life.

Vibrant floral designs

If you are an artist who loves working in colour, there are some flowers that lend themselves more favourably to this type of design. For example, roses bloom in many different colours. Daffodils are usually vibrant and yellow, and a bright carnation tattoo always stands out from the crowd.

Be brave and create petal colours that contrast and complement each other. Remember to bring out all the green shades in the leaves! Add a range of shading techniques to make your design more dynamic.


Flowers during golden hour


Big and bold flower tattoos

If you prefer larger designs and stronger outlines, you can create real statement pieces with flower tattoos. Sunflowers, poppies flowers, or a hibiscus flower are perfect for this style – they all make great use of strong lines, shapes and curves.

With a floral tattoo it can be easy to overly-feminise the design, as many people focus on the delicate beauty that many flowers have. Using bolder outlines and darker tones is also another great way to make a flower tattoo look more masculine.

Larger floral tattoos also offer you the opportunity to experiment with other styles. Why not add a few geometric sections into a poppy tattoo, or introduce other elements into the design?

Where on the body do floral tattoos look best?

Flower tattoos can be placed on any part of the body, but certain placement spots work best for maximum impact. People often choose to place these meaningful tattoos below their collarbone, as it is a great spot that allows the tattoo to be seen while still being relatively discreet. The shoulder and upper arm are popular places for flower tattoos, as they give the piece a nice canvas for detail.


Woman getting a floral tattoo on her arm


What are the most meaningful flowers for tattoos?

The flower tattoo has been a long-standing design favourite for both men and women. They can be purely aesthetic or used to convey symbolic meaning, plus their ability to be combined with a whole variety of other elements make them a great choice for any type of tattoo.

Below we run through seven of the most popular flower tattoos that you might encounter as a tattoo artist.

Rose tattoos

The rose is a symbol of love, beauty, and strength—all of which make it a popular choice among people who want to express something special through their tattoos. You can opt for a single rose or use roses to create intricate and powerful designs that embody the full range of their symbolic meaning.

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Woman with rose tattoo among blue flowers


Lotus flower tattoos

Lotus flower tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts since the lotus flower symbolises spiritual growth, purity, and beauty. It also symbolises divine enlightenment, which is why it's often used in meditation practices in Asia.

A lotus flower tattoo can come in all shapes and sizes, but it will typically feature a single lotus flower with a curved stem and multiple delicate petals.

Cherry Blossom tattoos

Cherry blossom tattoos are a popular choice for many people due to their beauty and the deep meaning they carry. Cherry blossoms, or sakura, are a symbol of life and the fleeting nature of it in Japan, as well as its beauty. They can also be used to signify renewal and hope, making a cherry blossom tattoo both meaningful and aesthetic.

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Daffodil tattoos

Daffodil tattoos are a gorgeous and meaningful way to represent the power of new beginnings. This cheerful spring flower is a symbol of optimism, joy, and fresh starts, making a daffodil tattoo a great choice for anyone looking to put a positive spin on their body art. Daffodils come in a range of stunning shades, usually featuring bright yellow petals and a cup-shaped centre.

Sunflower tattoos

Sunflower tattoos are bright and cheerful pieces of body art that embody optimism and positivity. They have a long history of being associated with the sun, due to their large size and yellow colour, which symbolizes power, growth, and strength. Sunflowers are also seen as symbols of fertility, good luck, and friendship—making a sunflower tattoo an excellent and uplifting option.

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Drawing a floral tattoo


Daisy tattoos

A daisy tattoo is a great choice for a timeless, meaningful flower tattoo design. The daisy often symbolizes innocence, purity, and the power of transformation. It is associated with the sun, due to its bright yellow center and its ability to bring optimism and joy into someone's life.

Lily tattoos

A lily tattoo can symbolise innocence, beauty, purity and femininity, as well as the forces of transformation. Depending on the species chosen, they can also represent strength, perseverance and courage.

One of the most iconic lily flower tattoo designs is a white lily with long petals and a yellow centre.

Blooming brilliant, not basic

No matter the kind of flower tattoo you design, consider your own personal style and the associated meanings. Flowers lend themselves to a whole variety of designs, from delicate outlines to vibrant and bold statement pieces. Add a touch of creativity or a fun twist to your designs and create a unique floral tattoo that your clients will love for years.

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