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5 Tattoo Fads that Kind of Died Out... | Tattoo Supplies


So over the last few years more and more people have been getting tattoos, and when something becomes popular there are bound to fads surrounding that come and go. Now I’m not saying that people don’t get these tattoos anymore, I’m just saying that there was a surge in the volume of these tattoos in the last couple of years, and once my Pinterest page would be plastered with these kinds of tattoos and now I don’t see them so much anymore. Here at MTS, we sell tattoo supplies but we also make lists! So let’s have a look at some of the tattoos that came and went.


These became popular in about 2015 and were usually seen running down the side of the forearm or on the side of peoples hands, they were put in other places too but these were the most common. They were usually fairly minimal, usually just lines, and commonly an arrow tattoo represents friendship, though I’m not sure all the people getting these had that in mind while they were getting them.





World map

This was another one that confused me, I seemed to see it everywhere. It was usually just the outline or a silhouette of the map. They were always small, mostly I saw them on the nape of the neck or the forearm. They came about around the same time as the skyline trend where people would get an outline of a city skyline, not something I would get but they are fairly cool





Perhaps I was living under a tattoo rock but it seemed like there was a huge influx of Mandala tattoos in late 2015 early 2016. Whatever your feelings about the show, I think Tattoo Fixers contributed to this, was it just me or was Alice’s suggestions 60% of the time a Mandala? These can be seen pretty much anywhere from shoulders to knees and they came in more of a wide variety of techniques. Some of them were in colour and some were just black, some of them utilised dot work for the shading. A Mandala is an ancient concept in Hinduism and Buddism and usually represents wholeness, who knew that so many people would be walking around with them marked on their skin all these years later.


Finger Tattoos

I imagine that this trend was the bane of tattoo artists for a while, I don’t speak for them but I have spoken to them and this is the impression I get. We’ve all seen the “LOVE” “HATE” knuckle tattoos but Millennials brought about a whole new concept to finger tattoos. Though these don’t take much tattoo supplies to ink, tattoo artists found they were being asked to tattoo incredibly detailed pictures in this tiny space. I think this was brought about by images showing incredibly detailed tattoos on fingers but the problem for tattoo artists is that they know the detail won’t last as the tattoo ages, as the ink starts to spread over time there was a good chance you’d end up with an indistinguishable blob on your finger after a few years!



Infinity Symbols

You must have been living under a tattoo rock if you missed this one! They became such a meme that they even received an amusing nod on Netflix’s Orange is the new black. The infinity symbol is another concept that hails from Hinduism and Buddism and basically means never ending, depicting life, death and reincarnation. It was most popular amongst young women and I have personally seen thousands of pictures of these over the last couple of years. Only recently has this died out a little bit but I think this might be the most famous tattoo trend on the list!

So what do you think? So you have any of these tattoos or did you notice other tattoo fads you think are worth a mention? Let us know! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo supplies then you can find them in our store!

Love Katy…





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  • Katy Jackson