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5 Underbutt tattoos that are too cool! | Tattoo Needles Wholesale


Today I want to look at some cool designs people have gotten on their... Underbutt... for want of a better word! I don't have any tattoos there myself, I think I would be too self-conscious to sit with my butt in the face of some poor tattoo artists but people more confident that I have done that and the results are pretty neat! Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we sell tattoo needles wholesale but we also love seeing the creative things people are doing with their body art! So let's have a look at some of these cool and sexy designs people have been getting.

Bows with Skull

I really like these, people get bow's in this place a lot and you can see why as it looks super cute! I particularly like the one with the skull and the line going down the leg, I think that it makes the tattoo look as though it is treading the line between sexy and cute!

Bows with Stormtroopers

As I say, bows are a common pick for this placement but I love the nod to Star Wars with the addition of the Stormtroopers, and I don't even like Star Wars (sorry about that). This lady has also gone with the pinstripe down the centre similar to the effect that you would get if you wore certain types of tights. So demure!

Corset Effect

When I was younger I used to love corset piercings, I always thought I would get one but changed my mind as I got older. I particularly love this one as it mimics the effect of a corset piercing really well and the top of the thigh is a really good place for it!


Ok, this girl has plenty of sweet tattoos but the one on her underbutt is what we are interested in. I love the way that she has gone with something different and these gypsy women looking at each other look really cool there.


Again this girl has gone with something different than the usual bow or script and I love that, the placement of these snakes is perfect and I really like the way they are facing each other. 

What did you think of these underbutt tattoos, would you get one? Do you have one? Have you seen any awesome ones that you'd like to tell us about? Let us know in the comments. Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo needles we sell tattoo needles wholesale and you can find them in our shop!

Love Katy...





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  • Katy Jackson