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6 Things You Need to Know About Tattoo Goo


A tattoo is one of the most vigorous forms of self-expression. Relying on experts will help you to be more educated on how to properly care for that life-long treasure. 

Aftercare products do not just help heal your tattoo faster and properly, it is also needed for the protection of its colour and to preserve its vibrancy. 

One of the best aftercare products in the market today is Tattoo Goo. Here are some information you need to know about it 

  • What is Tattoo Goo? 

Tattoo Goo aftercare products contain vitamins, herbs, and other ingredients developed especially to help your skin in its healing process and to help protect your new tattoo. Unlike other products, Tattoo Goo is made not only to prevent infection skin infections, it can also help heal cuts, burns, and scrapes. Manufacturers of Tattoo Goo made sure that the ingredients they used will not clog your skin's pores to avoid infection, and to make sure that the vitamins are well-absorbed by skin. It has natural moisturisers that help enhance your tattoo's colours. It also helps protect your tattoo throughout the healing process.  


  • Will Tattoo Goo cause my tattoo to fade? 

No, Tattoo Goo will not cause your ink to fade. Even if you over-apply Tattoo Goo, it won't damage your tattoo because it does not contain lanolin or petroleum. Tattoo Goo The Original (ointment) is a bit thick, which means you don't have too apply too much.Simply rub your finger on top. Rub, do not scoop. Then, gently rub it on your skin. Put just the right amount of ointment, it will barely leave a shiny finish. But, if you feel like you've been putting on too much Tattoo Goo, just gently wash it off your tattoo, and air dry 


  • Is fragrance added to Tattoo Goo? 

Since Tattoo Goo products are 99% natural, only the herbs and oils give its pleasant smell. Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion is fragrance- free. 


  • Does Tattoo Goo contain any harmful ingredients? 

The ingredients used to make Tattoo Goo products are approved by FDA and are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) products. 


Although the formula contains some dye, it is only about 10 parts per million. It is nothing compared to the dye used in your tattoo, which is about thousands of times more. In addition to that, all of the dyes used are Certified D/C Drug and Cosmetic, by FDA standards. 

  • How is Tattoo Goo better than other similar tattoo aftercare products? 

Tattoo Goo does not contain harmful ingredients that can cause unnecessary reactions on the skin. It is 99% natural which will makes it safe even for people who have sensitive skin. Another thing is that, Tattoo Goo is specifically developed for healing tattoos; it's not a general wound care solution like other products. 


Tattoo Goo is also petroleum- free and lanolin- free. Petroleum covers the skin and prevents tattoos from breathing, making the healing process a bit longer. Petroleum and lanolin can clog the skin, which can cause skin infections. 

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  • Matthew Nelson