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8 Amazing Stranger Things Tattoos | True Gent Cartridge Supplier UK


It’s almost time for the highly anticipated return of one of the best television series Netflix had to offer in 2016.  Stranger Things will soon be back on our television screens, and I couldn’t be more excited for the second series!  Following its release last year, Stranger Things gained a huge cult following with fans pledging their adoration for the TV show with some really cool Stranger Things themed tattoos – and who could blame them?  With its nostalgic 80’s feel and loveable characters, Stranger Things is one of the best, most weird and wonderful TV shows to come out of Netflix, and as a True Gent Cartridge Supplier in the UK, we love all things weird and wonderful, so let’s take a look at some of the most amazing Stranger Things tattoos out there!


1. This abstract Eleven tattoo by Jordan Baker is mesmerising.  I love how Jordan has captured the other characters in the distance and it’s a really cool take on Eleven, and a really fitting piece that works brilliantly with the ‘Stranger’ theme. 


2. This is such a cute Dustin tattoo by Thom Bulman. Dustin was one of my favourites from Stranger Things, and I really like his moralistic character and he’s so funny and loveable!


3. This is an incredible tattoo done by Pony Lawson. I love the semi-realistic effect and how Eleven’s expression is captured perfectly. It’s also really cool how the other characters are portrayed  at the bottom of the tattoo too.


4. Another cute one of Dustin, fitting in with the Halloween theme! I love how the artist has incorporated a Jason Vorheers Friday 13th theme into the tattoo, and a little Minion outfit on the dog too!


5. Done by one of our amazing Sponsored Artists Stephanie Melbourne, this Eleven tattoo is the perfect Neo-traditional Stranger Things piece!


6. A motto that the Stranger Things kids live by – ‘Friends don’t lie’. A really important lesson taught throughout the series! An excellent piece by Matt Daniels, featuring the infamous fairy lights.


7. Done by dark trash realism expert Anrijs Straume, this creepy Eleven piece is astounding and fits in perfectly with the strangeness and mystery of Eleven’s character in Stranger Things.


8. It’s really great to see a trad style movie themed tattoo, and I love this Demogorgon piece from Larry Wayne.

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  • Antonia McLoughlin