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A Beautiful Tattoo Trend of 2018 | Spirit Thermal Carbon Paper

A tattoo trend that we’ve seen quite a lot of in 2018 (and we absolutely LOVE), is leopard print pattern tattoos. We don’t mean tattoos of leopard print itself (which seemed to be a bit of a trend in the 90's), we mean objects, hearts, ‘things’ that feature a leopard print pattern on them.

We love patterned tattoos in general. It doesn’t necessarily have to be leopard print ! We’ve seen some gorgeous zebra print, snakeskin style, and even branded print like Louis Vuitton and Bape, but leopard is by far our favourite fashionable design to feature in tattoos! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Spirit Thermal Carbon Paper, we love keeping up with the latest tattoo trends, and we’re sure this stunning trend of leopard print patterned tattoos will certainly carry on into 2019! Why not check out some of these gorgeous trendy tattoos right here?

First up, a lovely leopard print coffin tattoo done by Matt Leatherman. A coffin may be macabre, but this jazzy leopard print rainbow effect is certainly uplifting!

We seriously love this leopard print pineapple tattoo. It’s summery and fruity, and the leopard print is a lovely twist on an already brilliant piece. 

Leopard print also looks great in black and grey. This beautiful bow tattoo is a great example of some of the really cool patterned work that’s came from 2018.

Done by the super talented Sami Locke, this Kawaii style leopard heart is just lovely. It’s the ultimate girly piece, and we think it’s beautiful.

SLAYER. A fan tattoo done by the very talented James Smith, complete with a leopard print heart.

A super clean bow tattoo done by Cori Henderson. The leopard print pattern here is gorgeous, with some lovely colours. 

‘You’re so cool’. A bright and beautiful leopard heart that’s super colourful.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these wonderful leopard print patterned tattoos as much as we have. We think it’s an incredible trend that’s really taken off in 2018, and were sure it will be here to stay. We can’t wait to see what trends 2019 have in store, so we'll be sure to keep an eye out! Remember, if you’re looking for Spirit Thermal Carbon Paper then look no further, we stock a huge range of it over on our web store. 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin