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A Charity Dog Day at Lord Nelson Tattoos, Chester


Last weekend, the guys at Lord Nelson Tattoos in Chester held a Charity Dog Day to raise money for Merseyside Dogs Home.  Every penny raised was donated to the dog’s home, who take in more stray dogs than any other rescue home on Merseyside.  They’re the smallest dog’s home, but work most effectively to ensure that all the dogs there find their forever homes!  They rely heavily on the support of the public to provide the dogs with the care and attention they need, and I think it’s amazing that these guys dedicated their time and efforts to such a good cause.  Donations were also made in the form of dog food, which is a great help to Merseyside Dogs Home.

Dogs have always been close to my heart, and with my dog Harvey being a rescue dog himself, I believe that it’s so important for people to keep on supporting local dog’s homes to allow them to facilitate the rescuing and rehoming of abandonded and uncared for dogs.  Harvey's owner had to give him away when she fell ill.  She was an elderly lady, and with Harve being a young and boisterous little pup, he was (understandably) too much for her to handle after she became unwell, and so thanks to the rescue home that Harvey went to, we had the privilege of giving Harvey a new and loving home. 

A dog-themed tattoo flash day is the perfect way to raise money for our beloved four-legged friends, and as a supplier of tattoo equipment where artists can buy tattoo ink online, it’s great to see tattoo artists dedicating their talents to a wonderful cause!

Tonnes of canine-themed tattoo flash was available, done by Lord Nelson Tattoos artists;  Pete Nelson, Col Cooper, Mike Davies, and Beth Pyrkotsch, and the whole event looked like it was so much fun, with dog-themed cupcakes, and and an appearance from their guest of honour, Pete’s Staffordshire Terrier, Wahlberg!

Check out some of the pictures from the Charity Dog Day!

Some tattoo flash done by the Lord Nelson Tattoos crew




These dog-themed cupcakes look AMAZING!!



The guest of honour! Wahlberg...


Once the aritsts have posted their work, we’ll be sure to share it with you all!  If you’ve had a tattoo done at a charity event to raise money for something you believe in, then we’d absolutely love to hear about it, so leave us a message in the comments section!  Don’t forget to check out our website where you can buy a huge range of tattoo ink online. 




Love Toni…





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  • Antonia McLoughlin