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Amazing American Horror Story Tattoos | Best Tattoo and Piercing Supplies,

Thursday night saw the return of the much-anticipated new season of American Horror Story.  The brand new season ‘Apocalypse’, which started on FX is set to feature most of the original cast, (to the delight of many fans!), with the likes of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Emma Roberts gracing our screens again.  It’s the perfect TV show for the season of Halloween, and with the success of all of the previous AHS series, we’re sure this one’s going to be just as good, and hopefully just as creepy!

Some fans of the show have gone as far as getting American Horror Story themed tattoos, and we think it’s great!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the best tattoo and piercing supplies, we’re really keen on seeing some of the brilliant work that’s out there, especially when it’s AHS themed.  With so many interesting characters to choose from, there’s a whole host of possibilities when it comes to AHS themed tattoos, and we’ve picked out some amazing ones to show you.  From Tate Langdon, to Twisty (a personal favourite of ours), whoever your favourite American Horror Story character is, we’re sure you’ll appreciate these amazing AHS-themed tattoos.  Check them out!
From the brilliant season ‘Asylum’, one of the most treasured people, Pepper.  What a great character! Done by Beki Ess.
An excellent piece done by Maria Robles.  Twisty is probably one of the greatest AHS characters.  Gruesome, but great!

The incredible Tate Langdon.  Probably one of the most infamous characters in any AHS season. Created by Adrian Montano.
Joel P Blake made this brilliant Bearded Lady piece, from American Horror Story Freak Show.  We love this beautiful neo-traditional piece.
From AHS Cult - the last series of American Horror Story, (and probably one of the best seasons).  A fantastic piece done by Bento Landsky.
A lovely tattoo done by Poppy Rose.  ‘All Monsters are Human’.  Do you agree?
Lastly, a fantastic character played by Lady Gaga in AHS Hotel.  A beautiful black and grey piece.


If you have a favourite American Horror Story character that you’ve tattooed then why not get in touch by leaving us a comment below?  Don’t forget, if you’re looking to get hold of some of the best tattoo and piercing supplies,  then don’t forget to check out our store!



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