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Amazing Anchor Tattoos | Anchored Stencil Solution

Anchor tattoos have always been a popular theme when it comes to tattooing. Originally anchors were known to symbolise stability, especially when worn by sailors at sea who spent most of their years away from land. Sailors aren’t the only ones who can don anchor tattoos though, and they’re a very versatile subject which don’t just feature in traditional tattoos! 

Anchors can look great when incorporated into realistic pieces and there are some beautiful nautical themed sleeves out there done in the style of realism! Whatever style of tattoos you’re into, we’re sure you’ll love all of these amazing anchor tattoos that we’re about to show you! 

First up, a traditional style anchor in some lovely girly colours. We love the pink and turquoise combination. Artist unknown

Matching dotwork anchor and ship’s wheel on some calves. Artist unknown

Another traditional piece this time with a sunset beach scene. Wonderful! Artist unknown

Similarly to the last piece, we’re loving this extra bold anchor with a sunset backdrop. Artist unknown

A superb black and grey anchor incorporated into a nautical themed sleeves. Artist unknown

This one is gorgeous! A black anchor silhouette featuring a beautiful rose pattern. Artist unknown

An insane hyperrealistic diver scene featuring an antique diving suit and anchor. Artist unknown

If you’re stuck for ideas for your next tattoo then why not be inspired and opt for an anchor? They’re so adaptable and great for gapfillers! If you’re looking to create the perfect stencil then why not head over to your website where you can purchase Nikko Hurtado's Anchored Stencil Solution online? 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin