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Interview with KayXTattoo - Sponsored Artist of the Month


Kay is a new sponsored artist at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, and we caught up with her to have a quick chat! Kay is MTS' sponsored artist of the month. 

kay aston tattoo interview

What drew you to Magnum Tattoo Supplies?

I first started seeing Magnum Tattoo Supplies when I was going to my first conventions a couple of years ago. I worked with Matt Youl at Painted Lady, and he was sponsored whilst I was there. My studio worked with Magnum Tattoo Supplies too, so I started using your products a lot.

What is your favourite thing about your job as a tattoo artist?

My favourite thing about being a tattoo artist is that it doesn’t feel like a job – despite there’s a lot in the background and the hours can feel quite long, I still get excited by it! I couldn’t see myself doing anything else long-term as I love the freedom that comes with it!

What are some of the challenges with your job?

One challenge is time management – because it is long hours, and commuting everyday into a city centre can be difficult. Getting home, doing my social media posts, replying to comments and messages can all be quite challenging. It definitely is a very time consuming job, especially with a child.

What is your proudest moment so far?

I went to the Netherlands for the first convention that I worked, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. Unfortunately, the person I was supposed to be tattooing let me down last minute. Luckily, I met a girl who I convinced to get an ornamental sleeve, so she flew out and we actually came first place! I had a great few days in The Netherlands, it was such a great experience.

What’s your favourite part of the Magnum website?

It’s hard to narrow it down to a favourite product, but my favourite part of the website is that Magnum have a Vegan section – which makes it so much easier for people who are trying to find non-animal based products!

What would you say to anybody who would like to get sponsored by Magnum Tattoo Supplies?

It’s all about supporting smaller businesses, Magnum have always been great with everything that I have posted and tagged in – it’s always been re-shared. If you’re interested in a particular company, you should definitely try your best to promote them, and if they do that in return then it’s a great working relationship.

Continue to buy from Magnum and share them in all your posts – keep going with it.

What’s next for you?

I have got a couple of guest spots in my diary, and a couple of conventions that I am looking to do next year since the restrictions are starting to ease up. I have also been working on my own organic, vegan aftercare range – which is very exciting.

kay aston tattoo

To see Kay’s great work, check out her Instagram.


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