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Beat those January blues with a new tattoo | Range of Ink-Eeze Glide


January is well known for being a dull and dreary time of year. We’re faced with the inevitable comedown from Christmas and New Year, the nights are still dark, and most of us are completely out of pocket from the festive season. January sucks, but science shows us that there is a way you can make your January a little less gloomy! Beat those January blues with a new tattoo!

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock a huge range of Ink-Eeze Glide products, we love the idea that tattoos can actually make you happier, so read on to find out how you can make yourself feel better with a new tattoo! 

If you’re a tattoo lover, then adding a new tattoo to your collection is always an exciting experience, but there's actually some research to show that having a new tattoo can improve your self-image for ‘up to weeks’ after you get your new tattoo, and the effects last even longer for men apparently. Tattoos are a confidence booster, and a means of self expression, and who wouldn't want to feel a heightened sense of self confidence? 

An article in Psychology Today likens the idea of tattoos to a prosthetic limb - they make up for something that is felt to be missing or inadequate, so essentially tattoos are a way of enhancing one's body.  People have been tattooing themselves since prehistoric times, sometimes to make themselves stand out, and sometimes to blend in, and fit in with a group or tribe, so tattoos are a means of showcasing identity.  Tattoos can of course attract attention which for some people will boost self esteem. 

During the tattoo experience itself, although yes it may be pretty painful in parts, adrenaline and endorphins are released throughout the body, giving you a 'rush'. It's also a great feeling immediately after the tattoo has finished when you're able to take a look at your fresh tattoo and feel a sense of accomplishment and admiration. 

As well as feeling those happy endorphins, tattoos can actually boost your immune system! A study conducted by the American Journal of Human Biology shows that people with tattoos tend to have a better immune system than those without. Certainly in the healing stages of a tattoo, your immune system may be a bit battered (especially when you’ve had a particularly large piece), but once healed your immune system will apparently be generally improved, which is good to know! 

On a whole, the tattoo process is a great experience. Some may even go as far as saying it’s a spiritual one. Choosing the subject matter of your tattoos is fun, and often people choose the content of their tattoos based on life experiences, healing, or remembering something or someone that was really special to them. It can be cathartic to mark a particularly challenging time of your life with a tattoo that symbolises strength and perseverance, and can give you a sense of accomplishment afterwards.  For some, tattoos are a coping mechanism, which can bring a degree of peace to their lives.

When you’re a tattoo regular, its also a really positive experience when bonding with your tattoo artist. If you’re really into tattoos, then you’re sure to have a lot in common with the artist tattooing you, and just having a good old chat with someone who you don’t see on a regular basis can be a lovely refreshing experience. 

So there you have it, some of the many reasons tattoos can make you feel better and help you beat the dreaded January blues! If you’re being tattooed this January and need something to heal your new artwork then make sure you check out our website where we stock an extensive range of the best tattoo aftercare including a huge range of Ink-Eeze Glide products

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin