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Beautiful Scenery Tattoos | Radiant Pastel Colours Set

Scenery tattoos are taking the tattoo world by storm right now. The tranquil scenes that people choose to have tattooed on them can be a wonderful reminder of memorable holidays and days out.  They can also serve as a nice little motivation piece for potential travel destinations you'd like to tick off your list!   Some people get a scene from a real place; somewhere they've visited before and hold close in their hearts, and others like their tattoo artists to use their imagination and come up with a pretty place of their own.

Plenty of the gorgeous scenery tattoos that we've seen are often framed with a rope or heart silhouette, adding to the intricacy and importance of the piece. More often than not, they're very personal and the landscape featured holds a lot of meaning for the person receiving the tattoo.  As suppliers of the Radiant Pastel Colours Set, we're huge fans of these beautiful and bright scenery tattoos, and think they're a brilliant way to encapsulate nature and beauty! So, why not check out these stunning scenery tattoos that we've came across?...

First up, an absolutely stunning tropical beach scene inside an anatomical heart from Paula Castle. We can only imagine this means that the place is held dearly in the recipients heart, and think it's a great idea for a scenery tattoo.

A gorgeous scene of Florence, Italy, done by our incredibly talented Sponsored Artist Matt Youl. The heart outline and flowers frame this piece perfectly. 

A fantastic scene of Lickey Hills Country Park in Birmingham, done by Stephanie Melbourne (who is also from Birmingham).  This lovely tattoo encapsulates the sun beginning to set, and we think it's fabulous. 

Mayara Compulsiva did this stunning tattoo of a scene from Amsterdam.  This little bridge seems to be a really popular spot for tourists to get photos, and we can see why!

Another breath-taking piece from our Sponsored Artist Paula Castle. Referenced from a photo of the customer's camping trip, the intricate fairy lights on this tattoo are a fantastic touch. 

An Alpine-style mountain scene featuring a marvellous log cabin, done by Danny Taylor.  The rope outline frames the tattoo beautifully.  A stunning piece! 

We're so impressed by this snowy scenic Polar bear tattoo! A wonderful piece done by Tony Kennedy. 

A beautiful moonlight scene done by Paula Castle.  Paula has a lot of clients who come to her for tattoos with lovely landscapes in them, and we're not surprised, as she really excels at them!


Last but not least, a magnificent forest scene from Bonita Caruana.  Truly breath-taking!

We can see why scenery tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, as they're the perfect way to immortalise a treasured place so that it can always be carried with you. The possibilities are literally endless!  We'd love to see more landscape style tattoos, so if you have a knack for scenery tattoos, or if you'd had one yourself, then feel free to pop a comment in the section below.  Make sure you head over to our online store where you'll find the brand new Radiant Pastel Colours Set. 


Love Toni...





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