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The Benefits of a Tattoo Ink Set


When it comes to purchasing tattoo ink, many people just go out and buy the individual bottles that they need. This can be a great option if you're working with a limited budget or if you're only looking for one or two specific colours. However, there are many reasons why purchasing a tattoo ink set is a great idea. 

Tattoo ink sets from top tattoo brands

One of the main reasons to purchase tattoo colour ink sets is that it allows you to stick to a certain colour palette. If you're looking to create a cohesive and professional-looking tattoo, then having all of your colours complement each other can be very important. Purchasing a tattoo ink set also ensures that all of your colours will be from the same line and should therefore match perfectly in tones and consistency. Tattoo ink sets can also be great if you are working in a particular niche, whether this be zombie designs or lifelike portrait designs. Sets like these will contain all the specific tones you need to be able to create your best work.

If you cannot find an ink set that perfectly suits your needs, some brands even allow artists to customize their own! For example, the Signature Set from Radiant Colors lets you pick 12 different 1oz tattoo inks from their vibrant range of colours, helping you create the perfect palette to work from. 

Radiant Colors Signature tattoo ink setAnother great reason to purchase tattoo ink in sets is that it allows you to support your favourite artists. Many famous tattoo artists have their own lines of tattoo ink nowadays, and by purchasing a set of their inks, you can show your support and follow in their footsteps. Not only will you be getting the same great quality tattoo ink that many artists use themselves, but you'll also be showing some love to the artists that inspire you.

Thomas Carli Jarlier Noire World Famous Tattoo Ink Set

Finally, some of the best tattoo ink sets come with additional benefits such as stylish presentation tins or carry cases. These little extras add a little bit of fun and practicality to your tattoo ink set purchase.  

Eternal Ink Travel Set

If you're looking to broaden your tattoo ink collection today, be sure to check out our collection of ink sets today! 

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  • Sarah Crookes