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Black Friday Deals and Blackwork Tattoos | Discount on Tattoo Supplies


This coming Friday, it’s officially the craziest shopping day of the year.  Friday the 23rd of November is ‘Black Friday'.

Each year, the last Friday of the month in November is statistically the busiest, most hectic day for shoppers across the nation.  This is because (for many people) it’s the last payday before Christmas. This may not necessarily be the case if you're a tattoo artist, but for most people, it’s the last chance to have a final splurge and bulk buy Christmas presents, stock up on Christmas food and drink, and get everything in order, just in time for Christmas day. Black Friday is also typically known for ‘Black Friday Sales’, where tonnes of stores heavily discount their products.  It's absolute chaos

In keeping with tradition, we'll be having our own Black Friday Sale, so of course you can expect lots of discounts on some really great products and brands!

Naturally with it being Black Friday, we thought we’d check out some brilliant blackwork tattoos in keeping with the theme, and we wanted to show you some of the amazing work that some of our incredibly talented sponsored artists who specialise in blackwork tattoos have recently created. Check  them out here! 

Known for his AMAZING blackwork tattoos (and more recently his neon mandalas), Tony Kennedy is a blackwork champion, and we love seeing all of the brilliant work that he produces each week. This stunning hand and fingers tattoo is perfectly uniform, and so bold and neat. It’s a beautiful design, and the perfect example Tony’s exceptional blackwork. 

Blackout. This backpiece is super bold and dark. It seems to be quite hard to get such a smooth and consistent flow on blackout pieces, but Tony makes it look easy! 

We really love this little blackwork peony tattoo done by Tony. He excels in all manner of styles, and this is definitely one of our favourites.

A very recent piece of work created by Tony. This blackwork skull, covered in cobwebs is insane. Again, his work is really bold, and heals perfectly. 

Next up is some stunning work by another one of our very talented sponsored artists, Niall Shannon. Niall is known for his traditional pieces that are often black, featuring intricate mandalas and patterns. He’s also known for his excellent neo traditional colour work, so it’s great to see an artist that excels at differing styles. First up, is a bold back of head mandala. Niall’s dotwork is next level, and we enjoy seeing this incorporated into lots of his pieces. 

A beautiful mandala and flower tattoo. The whip shade in the flower is awesome. It’s a really effective way of shading a tattoo, and Niall always does as great job of this. 

A wonderful wolf tattoo featuring some striking geometric shapes. Niall always does brilliant animal tattoos, regardless of what style he chooses, and this blackwork wolf piece is gorgeous.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these brilliant blackwork tattoos to get you in the mood for Black Friday weekend! Why not keep a lookout on our website to find out we have on offer, and get your hands on some discounted tattoo supplies for a limited time only!  

Love Toni 

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