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The benefits of Surgical Face Masks | Buy Black Surgical Face Masks online


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Face masks, also known as surgical masks have a dual purpose - to prevent the spread of infections by the wearer, and also to prevent the individual wearing the mask from contracting any airborne infectious germs. They reduce the risk of any particles like spit or mucous that may be expelled by the wearer from spreading to anybody else. They're often used in medical settings, during surgeries, dental practices, and cosmetic procedures, but their uses extend a lot further than just clinical environments.  

Germs can be easily spread when coughing, talking, and sneezing, so face masks act as a barrier which eliminates the chance of cross-contamination.  This can be extremely important in a tattoo studio setting.  If the client, or artist is ill, then it is beneficial for the tattoo artist to wear a face mask in order to prevent the spread of germs during the tattoo process.  Regardless of whether or not illness is present, face masks can be especially important during face and neck tattoos where the artist is in closer proximity to the client than usual.  We've noticed a lot of artists wearing face masks at high volume events such as tattoo conventions, where hundreds of people are passing by their booth and talking to them each day, and the risk of germ contamination may be greater.

Following the recent outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) that has lead to the quarantine of at least 50 million people in cities in China, and now sparked a lockdown in the UK, the demand for face masks has increased massively.  Face masks are already a commonly worn item in parts of Asia, so the increase in requirement for masks is not surprising.  However, face masks have largely been a part of Asian culture for a long time. The custom of facemask-wearing originated in Japan in the early 20th Century after a huge pandemic of influenza caused millions of deaths.  Then in 1923 the Great Kanto Earthquake triggered a massive inferno, with the aftermath resulting in an ash filled sky for weeks afterwards.  As well as these events, the rapid post-World War II industrialisation of Japan lead to an increase in pollution, so the tradition of wearing face masks on a daily basis has continued around Asia. 

Despite face masks being a very practical medical accessory, in certain places, face masks are often worn as a fashion accessory, especially in places like Tokyo and Seoul, where streetwear is a huge part of youth culture. Streetwear brands such as Supreme, Off-White and Bape sell face masks at an RRP of around $65, which are then re-selling at around $300, with many fashionable people willing to pay this price.  It's undeniable that face masks have become somewhat of a trend in Asian culture within the younger generation, which is why many healthy teens wear them. In Japan, だてマスク (Da-teh Masuku) or a “Just for Show Mask” is the name for the trend where young or healthy people in general wear masks just for the visual appeal.  They add a certain air of mystery and emphasise the person's eyes, so are often worn simply as a fashion accessory rather than for their functional purpose. 

Two young men in Tokyo sporting face masks

There are definitely significant benefits to wearing a face mask.  A study conducted by the University of Edinburgh tested to see how much diesel exhaust a variety of masks were able to block.  The study included a surgical mask, which blocked out 80% of the particles.  Although there is no solid evidence to prove that that disposable face masks completely eradicate all risk of infections, they're certainly a hygienic option for those working in a medical, cosmetic, or tattoo studio environment, and for those wishing to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin