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Bold Blackwork from Tony Kennedy | Maxx Black Tattoo Ink from Eternal


Blackwork tattooing has well and truly exploded in popularity over the years, and is a trend that is taking Instagram by storm.  There's one artist in particular whose blackwork tattoos have really caught our eye, and we wanted to share some of his incredible work.  We're loving the darker than dark blackwork tattoos done by our Pro-team member Tony Kennedy.  
Now situated at his own tattoo studio 'Black Gate Tattoo' in Widnes, Tony produces a variety of stunning work that all centres around blackwork. Whether it's a black as hell blastover, a dark geometric pattern, or a solid black rose, Tony is the go-to artist for black tattoos and he's known for his solid shading and bold black lines that heal perfectly.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we've recently began stocking Maxx Black Tattoo Ink from Eternal, we wanted to take a look at some of the brilliant blackwork tattoos that Tony has recently produced, so if you love solid black tattoos then why not take a look?

  Check out some of his brilliant work right here...

First up, two very solid roses at the foot of an intricate geometric pattern.  Geometry features regularly in Tony's work, with some really fluid and eye-catching patterns. 

Blackout!  The depth of the black here is insane.  Tony's blackout tattoos are packed so solidly with black, that the healed piece looks just as good as when fresh.

We're loving this diamond pattern that fades out to a negative space design. 

A psychadellic Daisy Duck in the form of blackwork.  This eerie blackwork Disney piece is insane. 

A blastover snake, accompanied by a heart and lightbulb.  The popularity of blastover tattoos has risen tenfold over the years, and given how solid Tony's tattoos are, we're sure this one will stand out for years to come. 

A stunning throat piece created by Tony.  This solid design looks wonderful against the clients older coloured tattoos which gives it a great contrast. 

Although Tony's work consists largely of blackwork, he's a huge fan of creating 'neon mandalas'.  The contrast between the solid blackwork and the bright colours looks really striking. 

Lastly, a super-solid head tattoo.  This looks completely painful but we're sure it was worth it! A bold and black geometric pattern that sits beautifully around the client's other tattoos. 

If you're looking for some solid black work then look no further.  Make sure you check out more of Tony's work over on his Instagram page @tkennedyuk where you'll find plenty of blackwork tattoos, geometric shapes, and neon mandalas.  If you're looking to try a solid black colour that's literally blacker than black, then why not check out Maxx Black from Eternal Ink?  You won't be disappointed!



Love Toni


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