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Brilliant Bowie Tattoos! | Buy Tattoo Supplies Online

One of my all-time favourite musicians is David Bowie.  In previous years I've seen quite a lot of David Bowie tattoos, but since David's death in 2016, there's definitely been an increase in the tattoo tributes from Bowie fans, and I think it's lovely.  I'd contemplated a Bowie tattoo myself, but have never got round to it, (and hopefully in the future I will!).  My favourite Bowie era, much to some people's suprise is the 80's era, so if I were to get a tribute, it'd have to be based on his 80's look!  I love his aesthetic in the video for 'Let's Dance', so I think that'd be the look I go for with his big blonde hair! 
Let's check out some of these amazing Bowie tattoos, based on different Bowie eras that hardcore Bowie fans have decided to get!
An older Bowie.  This one is a beautiful black and grey piece by Ash Lewis.  It really stands out, just like Bowie!
This David Bowie tattoo by Chameleon Tattoo is absolutely remarkable.  Neo-traditional is my favourite style of tattooing, and the artist has really done him justice.  
Koji Ichimaru is one of my favourite tattoo artists.  I've admired his work for a long time, and I also have his book with his really cool Japanese inspired designs.  This abstract Bowie by Koji is really cool!
This David Bowie piece is absolutely stunning.  I love how it's a realistic piece, teamed with Neo-traditional elements.  The artist, Martin Moore has done such an amazing job here. 
This tattoo by Max Estes is particularly unique and intricate.  I love the watercolour elements in the background, giving it a dream-like feel.  
This one is my absolute favourite!  Done by our Sponsored Artist Paula Castle, this piece of work is incredible, and really encapsulates the beauty of one of Bowie's most iconic looks. 
I love this really simple trad piece from Sal Leon.  I like seeing old school portrait pieces, as it shows that no matter how simple and understated a tattoo is, it can still be really stunning. 
Last but not least, an incredible piece from Satan's Little Helper.  This one is one of my favourite pieces, as I love the iconic lightning shape that it's in, and how detailed yet intricate this tattoo is. 
So there you have it! Some absolutely brilliant Bowie tattoos.  If you have a Bowie tattoo, or if you've done one on a client then I'd really love to see it!  Tag us in your pics, and leave us a comment below, and don't forget, you can buy your tattoo supplies online over on our website store! 
Love Toni...
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  • Antonia McLoughlin