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Brilliant Drake Tattoos | TATSoul Tattoo Furniture

A hugely popular subject matter for tattoos over the past few years is none other than the artsit Drake, also known as Drizzy, or better known on Instagram as @champagnepapi.  Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Drake is the hugely successful rapper who has taken the world by storm in recent years.  His latest album "Scorpion" broke numerous records, with 7 of his songs in the Billboard top 10.  Drake also broke his own record of most singles charting in the Hot 100 with 27, including all 25 tracks from "Scorpion."  It's no wonder there are droves of fans getting Drake tattoos left right and centre!
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock a range of TATSoul Tattoo Furniture, we're keen on keeping up with current tattoo trends, and wanted to take a look at some of the incredible Drake tattoos that are all over the internet right now. If you're a fan of Drake, then why not check out these brilliant Drake themed tattoos?
An ode to Drake's third album, this 'Nothing was the Same' neo-traditional heart piece is just lovely. 
This abstract piece from Vito Arte is really intriguing.  Featuring Drake's face, the '6' symbolising Toronto. 
An absolutely incredible Drake portrait done by Khail Aitken.  This black and grey tattoo really is breath-taking, and we're sure Drake would be a huge fan. 
Another gorgeous black and grey Drake tattoo by an incredibly talented tattoo artist.  Drake's likeness is captured perfectly here, and we love the little OVO owl in the corner, it's a great touch!
Celebrating the release of the 'Scorpion' album.  Drake's album was named Scorpion, as he was born in October and is a Scorpio.  His brand name OVO stands for 'October's Very Own'.  Clever!
'Take Care'.  A duet between Drake and ex-girlfriend Rihanna.  This little old school blackwork heart piece is stunning. 
A full colour Drake portrait.  This is incredibly detailed, and we love everything about it!
Last but not least, an OVO themed sleeve, featuring the OVO owl, surrounded by some lovely geometric patterns. 
It's amazing just how many different styles and representations of Drake themed tattoos are out there, and there are so many more fabulous pieces of work floating about on the internet!  We're sure in the near future we'll see a lot more Drake themed tattoos emerging, (and we can't wait!). We love seeing work like this, so if you've created any yourself then why not get in touch?  If you're looking for some great quality tattoo shop furniture then look no further.  Head over to our web store to check out our range of TATSoul Tattoo Furniture. 

Love Toni

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