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Budgeting For a Tattoo - Tips and Planning


Worried about budgeting for your next tattoo? Don't worry, Magnum Tattoo Supplies can give you awesome tricks and tips to save up for your next tattoo appointment.

Figure Out How Much

The first step in any tattoo journey is deciding what tattoo you want and which tattoo artists you want to get it with. It doesn't matter if you're travelling on holiday and want something to remember your time there for the rest of your life, or if you just want to pick up a piece at your local studio. However, planning ahead of time can be enjoyable and make having those larger tattoos a little easier.



Figure Out When

Once you know what tattoo you want, the next step is to figure out when you’d like it done. It's sometimes easier to work toward a specific goal, so you can go ahead and book your next tattoo if you know you'll be able to afford it before then. If you don't want to book right away, you may always save first and book later! Keep in mind that many tattoo artists who are in high demand and have open schedules only book up to three months in advance.



Create Your Tattoo Budget Worksheet

Calculating all of your fixed bills, such as rent, phone, and car payments, and then determining how much extra income you have for your tattoo is the first step in creating your tattoo budget. This is the moment to put your priorities in order. Essentially, it's a game of ensuring that every pound is tracked and that every spending is justified.

When you create your budget you can take into consideration the things you have to spend money on, and the things you can live without.

Save Now, Treat Later

Sometimes budgeting for a new tattoo may mean just waiting until your tax refund comes in the mail but, more often, it means going without other special treats for a small amount of time. Look at it this way: let’s say you go out to the bars or to eat at restaurants on Friday and Saturday. If you’re trying to save for a new tattoo, perhaps you start only going out on Friday and putting the cash you would’ve spent on Saturday aside! Try not to think of it as something “restricting” though...getting a little creative with your money in order to save for a tattoo should be fun.

Some people put all their pocket change into a jar until it’s totally full, some people value shop meaning buying generic rather than name-brand, some people skip the Starbucks line and make coffee at home! There are even apps and credit cards that round up all your purchases to the nearest pound and then automatically puts the excess into a savings account. All of these things may seem small but they really add up together in the long run.



Most of these small changes will show positive effects in other aspects of your life too, not just with tattoos!

In the end, it’s all about how bad you want it and how hard you need to work to get it. But the absolute best advice we can give is to set realistic goals and remember how fulfilling it will be when all that saving finally pays off with the best treat you can give yourself: new tattoos!




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  • Caitlin Moore