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Colour Realism Tattoos | Andrea Afferni Portrait Set

Colour Realism is a style of tattooing that appears to be timeless. It’s a fine art style that captures the complete likeness of the real object or subject. Realistic tattoos literally are as real as can be, and people are often amazed at how lifelike the tattoo can appear. They’re extremely detailed with a lot of time going into the tattoo to ensure that every last detail, shadow, and tone is captured in order for it to look as real as possible. 

From portraits of people, to animals and flowers, the possibilities for realistic tattoos and their subject matter are endless. It really does take a lot of skill and effort to create the perfect colour realism piece, and there are plenty of incredible realistic tattooers out there that are creating the most amazing pieces of work. 

A good colour palette is one of the keys to creating beautiful colour realism tattoos, and the Andrea Afferni Portrait Set from Eternal Ink is a great tool for realistic artists to have in their arsenal for when it comes to making beautiful portraits. If you love colour realism then we're sure you'll love these brilliant colour realistic tattoos that we've came across. Check them out!...

First up, we’re completely in awe of this gorgeous leopard tattoo done by Ladislav Hacel. Incredible work.

An indigenous themed portrait by Ben Carlisle. Ben frequently creates breathtaking realistic pieces with lots of colour and intricate detail.

Done recently by realistic tattoo master Steve Butcher, this Young Thug piece is insane, and we’re confident he would approve! 

Another one from Steve Butcher, this Conor McGregor piece captures Connor’s likeness completely. We love that there’s a traditional tattoo within a realistic tattoo there as well. 

A gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Ladislav Hacel. Ladislav is extremely talented and often creates big beautiful animal pieces. 

The late Chris Cornell done by the super-talented Nikko Hurtado. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful rock star.

Another perfect colour realism piece from Nikko Hurtado. Done very recently, a magnificent Chris Rock piece. 

These colour realism tattoos are all phenomenal, and we really are amazed by the skills of some of the colour realistic artists out there at the moment. It’s a style that will never get old, and the talent in the industry keeps on getting better and better. Don’t forget to equip yourself with the Andrea Afferni Portrait Colour Set if you’re planning on stocking up on your flesh tones for those portrait pieces! If you’d like to share a colour realistic piece with us then just leave us a comment below. 

Love Toni...


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  • Antonia McLoughlin