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Colour Realistic Animal Tattoos by Ladislav Hacel | Carlox Angarita Radiant Set

Colour Realistic Animal Tattoos by Ladislav Hacel | Carlox Angarita Radiant Set

We love seeing colour realistic animal tattoos.  There's a certain satisfaction in seeing animal tattoos that look so true to life, as if they're about to jump out of the skin and pounce!  When artists are able to capture the expression of the animal perfectly, it's an extra special experience, and when the colours are as picture perfect as the real thing, it can make for a truly phenomenal tattoo. 

One artist in particular springs to mind when we think of colour realistic animal tattoos, and we're super proud to have him on our team of sponsored artists.  Ladislav Hacel who works from and owns Alone in the Dark Tattoo in Didcot is an exceptional realism artist who covers all manner of subjects in his tattoos, however we especially love seeing the animal portraits that he creates in such detail.  

From tigers to jellyfish, we're sure you'll love seeing these amazing colour realistic animal tattoos done by Ladislav.  Check them out here. 

First up, a fierce tiger and panther tattoo created by Ladislav. 

A little baby Ocelot.  He's so cute. 

A beautiful Cheetah tattoo.  His piercing eyes are amazing. 

A gorgeous underwater scene which features a bright and colourful jellyfish and clown fish. 

A brilliant reptile-themed sleeve featuring some stunning snakes

A kingfisher in action, catching a fish.  The water effect in this is perfect. 

If like Ladislav you're a huge fan of colour realistic animal tattoos, then why not get in touch with us and show us your work?  We'd love to hear from you!  Just leave us a comment in the box below.  For the brightest and boldest selection of colours that are perfect for animal tattoos, make sure you check out the Carlox Angarita Tattoo Ink Set from Radiant over on our webstore. 

Love Toni

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