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Colourful Mandala Tattoos by Tony Kennedy | Victor Portugal Tattoo Needle Cartridges


On the blog this week, we're taking a look at some of the amazing Mandala tattoos our Sponsored Artist Tony Kennedy has recently produced.  Tony’s style typically consists of blackwork pieces ranging from geometric patterns, to intricate floral designs, and more recently black and bold Mandalas with strong elements of colour shining through in place of negative space.  

The new style that Tony has adopted in his Mandala tattoos is really unique and eye-catching, featuring brilliant hues of colour that blend into one and other in an ombre/gradient style effect.  The juxtaposition of the bold black Mandala against the splashes of vibrant colour works really well.  For an artist whose work usually consists of all black designs, it's really refreshing to see this brand new signature style that Tony has developed for himself, and so far, it's been a huge hit. His work is receiving tonnes of praise from his customers, and we're really excited to see more of the distinctive Mandala designs he has to offer.  

A huge fan of the Victor Portugal Tattoo Needle Cartridges which are available to purchase on our online store, Tony excels at Mandala tattoos, (and any tattoo he does for that matter), so why not check out some of incredible Mandala work here?

A super-clean calf piece done by Tony. The yellow and orange tattoo ink breaking through the space in between the lines is an incredible effect. Reminiscent of flames and fire, and we think it looks amazing. 

Another brilliant Mandala with some geometric dotwork contained within it. This one also features warm flame like elements to it with its orange and yellow hues, and we think it looks perfect.

A really bold face tattoo featuring some amazing neo-traditional style tones that really complement each other. Aqua and pink always look great together, and they stand out so much in this brilliant Mandala piece. 

Similar to the face tattoo, this calf piece is one of the most bold and stand-out tattoos we’ve ever seen. Ever!  Again, the complementary colour scheme works perfectly here.

To keep up to date with Tony's work and to see many more of his bold Mandalas, make sure you head over to his Instagram page @tkennedyuk where he regularly updated his tattoo posts.

If you’re looking to try some brand new cartridges that are top quality, and fitted with the all-important safety membrane, then look no further, and head over to our website to check out the Victor Portugal Tattoo Needle Cartridges for absolute accuracy and precision! 

Love Toni 

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