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Colourful Neo-Traditional Tattoos by Stephanie Melbourne | Buy Eternal Tattoo Ink Online


This week, following Stephanie Melbourne's successful weekend at Leeds Tattoo Expo where she picked up the award for 'Best of Day Saturday', we're taking a look at some of the bold and beautiful neo-traditional tattoos done by our pro-team member. Stephanie's colourful neo-traditional pieces are always solid and bright, and we're constantly in awe of the gorgeous work that she produces each week.  Her attention to detail and the way in which she puts together her pieces is phenomenal, and we're truly grateful to have her on our team of Sponsored Artists. 

Situated at the Church Tattoo in Redditch, Stephanie's incredible work regularly features animal-themed tattoos, floral pieces, and jewel adorned lady-heads. As well as creating clean solid tattoos, Stephanie also creates some stunning prints and t-shirts which are available to buy online, or at conventions that she attends.  Stephanie is a huge fan of Eternal Tattoo Ink, and uses a lot of Eternal Inks in her colour palette. 

If you're into neo-traditional tattoos that are bursting with colour, then make sure you check out more of Stephanie's stunning work right here:

The award-winning tattoo from Leeds Tattoo Expo.  'Best of Day'

From beautiful bees, to bold and vibrant parrots, and landscapes that are truly eye-catching, we're always feeling really inspired by Stephanie's incredible work, and we're sure you'll have enjoyed marvelling over her stunning tattoos as much as we have!  Keep up to date with any future guest spots and tattoo conventions that Stephanie has in the pipeline, and of course check out more of her amazing work over on her Instagram page: @stephanie_melbourne

If you're looking for a beautiful range of colour tattoo ink then why not check out our website where you can buy Eternal Tattoo Ink online?



Love Toni

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