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Cute and Spooky Tattoos from Georgiie Gibbs | Radiant Colours


We're forever admiring the ethereal neo-traditional work from our lovely sponsored artist Georgiie Gibbs, and this week as we're getting into the Halloween spirit, we're taking a look at some of the mystical tattoos she's been doing recently. 

Georgiie's work has tonnes of supernatural elements to it, and often features some bewitching subject matter such as planchettes, serpents and skulls, and she's a huge fan of creating tarot card tattoos which are incredibly enchanting, and given that it's the run up to spooky season, we wanted to share some our favourite pieces created by Georgiie.

A fan of Radiant Colours, Georgiie's work is always colourful stunning, so why not take a look right here? 

'The Devil' - a spooky tarot card recently made by Georgiie. 

A spellbinding book surrounded by some pretty crystals. 

We're loving this Labyrinth piece.  A spectacular movie. 

A galaxy triangle.  This one is mesmerising!

A spooky planchette. 

The cutest ghost-dog ever!

A healed shot of a beautiful bat tattoo that Georgiie made. 

A bewitching Buffy the Vampire piece.

This set of tarot cards is incredible.  'The Hermit', and 'The Tower'. 

Another spooky planchette tattoo.

Georgiie’s work is always spectacular and we can't wait to see what other supernatural-themed tattoos she comes up with this spooky season. If like Georgiie you're a lover of colourful tattoos, then why not check out our website where you can get hold of Radiant Colours online?

Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin