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Cute Gudetama Tattoos | Radiant Tattoo Ink Yellow Ochre

Gudetama has recently reared his cute little eggy head quite a lot recently.  The increasingly popular Sanrio character from Japan is a beautiful little fried egg, who is a bit of a lazy so and so.  In the many pictures, gifs, merchandise, and animations of Gudetama, you'll see him lazing around looking dreary and dismal, as if even lifting his little yellow head is the most painstaking task in the world.  The best thing about him, is that he is totally relatable!

Of course, Hello Kitty is the most famous of all the Sanrio characters, and the amount of merchandise that you can get hold of with her cute little face on is ridiculous, but it's about time we had a characters that we can relate to, and Gudetama is just that!  Gudetama is so popular that he now has his own themed cafe in Osaka and Singapore, where you can get Gudetama themed food and drink. (Amazing!).

Of course, with any phenomenon like this, you'll see plenty of tattoos from an army of fans, ready to pledge their allegiance, and it's been no exception with Gudetama.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Radiant Tattoo Ink Yellow Ochre (the perfect colour for a Gudentama tattoo), we can't wait to show you some of the insanely cute Gudetama tattoos that we've came across.  Take a look!

Gudetama always seems to find himself in sticky situations. He seems to have a constant look of irritation and indifference, and here, we see him stuck within a little burger.  How annoying!


This poor little guy was just minding his own business, and now he's trapped within an ice cream cone. Poor Gudetama. 


We're not quite sure whether Gudetama is just having a lay down, or whether he's stuck inside his own egg shell, but either way, we're sure he's really sleepy and is having a well earned rest.


Inside a Sushi Roll. Gudetama doesn't look best pleased here!


'Not today!'  Poor little guy just wants to rest.  We can totally relate to this. 


Gudetama is most definitely the cutest little egg we've ever seen.  He looks rather fed up, but everything always turns out ok for him in the end!



Nothing would make us happier than seeing more Gudetama tattoos, so if you've created any tattoos of this lovely little fella then we'd really like to see!  We're really keen on seeing the work done by our customers, and even more so if it's Gudetama related!  Why not leave us a comment below?  If you're planning on making some Gudetama themed tattoos, then we'd highly recommend Radiant Tattoo Ink Yellow Ochre as your weapon of choice.  Check it out on our website now!


Love Toni




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  • Antonia McLoughlin