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Cute Kitty Tattoos by Hanah Elizabeth | Intenze Tattoo Ink


We're taking a look at some of the most adorable cat tattoos ever, created by our pro team member Hanah Elizabeth, who currently works from The Drawing Room, Coventry
 but will soon be moving to Black Heart Collective in Rugeley. 

Hanah, who is a huge fan of the Intenze Ink range specialises in colourful neo-traditional tattoos, and she's known for her gorgeous pet portraits that are always bright and beautiful.  Also a fan of pop culture tattoos, Hanah regularly creates some brilliant 90's inspired work ranging from Simpson's tattoos to Tamagotchi tats, and we're huge fans of the nostalgic subject matter that features throughout her work.  

Today we're going to take a look at some of the cute kitty tattoos that she has created, so if you're a fan of colourful cats adorned with eye-catching accessories then make sure you check out these amazing 'cattoos' right here...They're purrfect!

What a beatiful kitty! Holding a heart and donning a pretty lilac wreath, what's not to like?!

Hanah recently created this 'Purrmaid' and we love it.  The colours used on the mermaid tail are absolutely stunning. 

Maneki Neko - A lovely Lucky Cat that Hanah recently tattooed. 

This wonderful neo-trad lady head piece is gorgeous. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the adorable pet cat added to it!

This HAS to be one of our favourites. A cat in a fruit hat!  The colours here are incredible, and we love the amount of detail that Hanah adds to all her tattoos. 

A Crystal Ball Cat. The swirly colours in the crystal ball are amazing.  This tattoo is stunning. 

This lucky Cat's foot is a wonderful tattoo, and perfect for any cat lovers out there. 

If you're a fan of felines and brightly coloured tattoos then you really need to check out more of Hanah Elizabeth's incredible tattoos.  Her gallery of work is incredible and we love seeing her add to her collection each week.  Make sure you check out her Instagram page right here where you can stay up to date with any guest spots or conventions that Hanah has in the pipeline. If you're a fan of Intenze Tattoo Ink then head over to our website where you can purchase some amazing colours, right now.


Love Toni

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