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Do tattoos make you more attractive? | YAYO Familia Tattoo Aftercare Range


We think tattoos look great. They can really make you stand out from the crowd and add a certain uniqueness to your whole aesthetic. Tattoos can be a very beautiful way to enhance your features and many would agree that they feel more attractive since becoming tattooed.  For plenty of people, tattoos are a really appealing factor in a significant other, but are people with tattoos scientifically more appealing than those without? 


As a wholesaler of the YAYO Familia Tattoo Aftercare range, we're really interested in this concept, so wanted to find out more, and looked at a recent study concerning the attractiveness of those with tattoos.   The study conducted at Jagiellonian University Medical College which recruited 2369 women and 215 men to find out whether tattooed males were more attractive.  


All parties were shown pictures of tattooed and non-tattooed men, and asked to rate them.  The ratings were based on 7 factors:

Attractiveness, masculinity, dominance, aggression, potential for being a good partner, potential for being a good father, and how healthy they look.


The results showed that although the women didn't rate the tattooed men any more attractive than they did the non-tattooed men, they did rate the tattooed men as being healthier looking, more masculine, and dominant and aggressive.  The results did however show that the women voted the tattooed males as less likely to be a good potential partner and father - (pretty harsh!).  This may be because of the 'risk factor' involved with tattoos, and possible impulsiveness associated with those who are heavily tattooed. 

The results from the male perspective was that in terms of health, dominance, and partnership, they didn't feel any differently towards tattooed men and non-tattooed men, however they did vote the tattooed men as being more attractive. From this, it may be safe to infer that the men viewed tattooed males as being more intimidating, and a bigger threat when it comes to dating, which may possibly make the tattooed males seem even more intriguing to females who are potential mates. 


Although scientifically, women may not find men with tattoos any more attractive than those without, the qualities that they attributed to the tattooed men; masculinity, dominance, and aggression are associated with higher levels of testosterone.  Testosterone is typically attributed to more 'alpha male' types, which is generally seen as being an attractive trait.  If we look at it from a biological point of view, women are known to seek partners who are healthier, and will provide them with healthy offspring, which in itself is an attractive trait. 


Some evolutionary biologists have theorised that tattoos can be seen as a way of signaling how strong a person is.  From a basic biological sense, the pierced skin exposes the recipient to infection, and only those with a strong immune system can withstand processes like this, and still remain healthy. It's like 'the human equivalent to peacocking', according to Psychology Today.  So, to conclude, tattoos aren't proven to make you more attractive as a male, but they can make you appear more masculine, and healthy!  


If you love tattoos as much as we do, and want to keep them looking healthy and attractive then don't forget to check out our YAYO Familia Aftercare range at our online store, where you'll find their brilliant aftercare products, process butters, and much more. 


Love Toni...




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  • Antonia McLoughlin