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Embroidery Tattoos | Radiant Super White


An incredible new tattoo trend that's exploding all over Instagram right now is 'Embroidery Tattoos'.  They've been cropping up everywhere over the past year or so, and we can't get enough of them!  Tattoos are already a beautiful art form, so to incorporate another eye-catching form of art into them is just brilliant.  Embroidery itself is a skill, and marrying these two decorative mediums results in an artistic masterpiece. 

Embroidery tattoos look just like the embroidered patches or patterns that you'd find on cloth or clothing.  The individual stitches are of course incorporated into the tattoo, giving a brilliant 3D effect that actually makes it look like they're sewn into the skin. In most embroidery tattoos, there's a bold black or white 'stitched outline' which gives the embroidered effect.  It's definitely one of the most eye-catching tattoo styles we've ever seen. 

Check out these incredible embroidery tattoos!

A Power Puff Girls embroidery tattoo by Duda Lozano. We love the snagged bits of stitching on this. 

Amazing work done by Ksu Arrow.  Inspired by the client's floral jacket. 

A stunning lighthouse.

Done by Mirko Gallo.  Radiant Tattoo Ink!  A personal favourite of ours. 

Gary the Snail!  We love it. By Adam Zimmer.

Something a little different - this cross hatch chicken is brilliant. 

Another one from Duda Lozano.  A perfect Pink Panther embroidery tattoo.

Felix the cat, again from embroidery tattoo master Duda Lozano. 

One of our favourites - An embroidered Homer Simpson on a lilo. 

We'd absolutely love to see more embroidered style tattoos, so if you've created any then why not get in touch?  Just leave us a comment in the box below.  Make sure you check out our webstore where you can get hold of Radiant Super White for those all-important white highlights!

Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin