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Egg-cellent Easter-themed Tattoos | Fusion Ink Pastel Set


Spring is just around the corner (although you wouldn’t know it from the terrible weather we've been having in the UK recently!), and one of our favourite things about the beginning of this beautiful season is Easter! In the UK and all around the world, Easter Sunday is celebrated as a religious holiday to mark the day that Jesus rose from the dead. Whether you’re religious or not, there are plenty things worth celebrating during Easter weekend, including Bank holidays, relatively nice weather (sometimes), hot cross buns, and of course chocolate!

We’ve recently seen quite a few Easter-esque tattoos so we thought it’d be quite fitting to share some of them today, given the fact that supermarket shelves all-over the country are now stacked high with various kinds of Easter Eggs! As a Tattoo Wholesale Company and supplier of the Fusion Ink Pastel Set which is perfect for tattoos with an Eastery kind of feel to them, we love seeing anything tattoo related, so let’s take a look at these egg-cellent Easter-themed tattoos!


First up, by Nano Lucarelli. – a stunning neo-traditional rabbit piece. A lovely bunny tattoo perfect for Easter!

Tori Wartooth did his beautiful little lamb tattoo! Lambs represent Spring and new beginnings, and are quite often associated with Easter, so this is the perfect tattoo for the season.

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolates, and this incredible traditional tattoo of a box of chocolates by Stacie Mayer is absolutely stunning.

One from Moira Ramone – this wonderful traditional tattoo of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns is super-clean and bold.

We absolutely love this one. Done by the super-talented Freddie Albrighton, a cute little rabbit looking after his Easter eggs!

Last but not least, a brilliant little piece done by Linnea Tattoos. The Easter bonnet is a really nice touch!



So, there you have it! Some amazing Easter-themed tattoos to get you in the mood for this Easter weekend. No matter how you’ll be spending this Easter Bank Holiday weekend, we’re sure you’ll appreciate these ‘egg-celent' tattoos! If you’re wanting to create some tattoos with some beautiful pastel hues this Easter, then don’t forget to check out the Fusion Ink Pastel Set on our website! And, as always, if you have an Easter-themed tattoo that you’d like to share with us then don’t forget to get in touch in the comments section!


Love Toni


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  • Antonia McLoughlin