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Fairytale inspired tattoos | Loyalty points with Magnum Merits

February 26th is national fairytale day. This may not mean anything to some people, but for many people, they spent their childhood reading tales of magical lands and characters, enchanted castles and kingdoms with princesses were rescued from evil witches, so fairytales can hold a really special place in the hearts of others. 

There are so many fairy tales that have been wrote, and twisted over the years but the ones we love the most are the old ones that often have creepy undertones and important lessons to be learned. Take Hanzel and Grettel. This hungry pair took it upon themselves to explore an inhabited house they came across in the middle of nowhere. A complete stranger told them it’d be ok to feast upon the house (which was made entirely of candy), but unbeknownst to the children, the witch was feeding them up so they tasted better when she ate them. The moral of the story Is, don’t accept sweets from strangers! 

Of course, there are some more light hearted tales which don't feature any children being cooked, and as it’s national fairytale at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can earn loyalty points with Magmum Merits, we wanted to look at some of the beautiful tattoo inspired versions of these stories. What a better way to honour it than to look at some incredible takes on traditional fairytales and stories. Check them out here! 

A totally stunning Maleficent tattoo that features some rather gorgeous colours. The artist has done an incredible job of capturing her terrifying stare. Artist unknown. 

A gorgeous little piece done by Chuck James featuring a fantasy fairytale kingdom and princess.

This vintage style blackwork collection of Alice in Wonderland tattoos is just marvellous. The positioning of everything works really well. A really magical set of tattoos. Artist unknown. 

We love this sketchy style Alice in Wonderland piece. There’s something really dreamy about it! Artist unknown. 

A new school style Mary Poppins piece. This is a really cool and interesting twist on a beloved character , just in time for the remake of the classic film! Artist unknown. 

A wonderful etched style Puss in Boots piece. This blackwork tattoo is amazing and most definitely one of our favourite Fairytale themed pieces of work. Artist unknown. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these creepy yet magical fairytale tattoos, just in time for national fairytale day! Don’t forget, we offer a ‘Loyalty point system’ called Magnum Merits where you can earn points to spend on our website. The more you spend he more you save. Check out our website to find out how you can start earning today!

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  • Antonia McLoughlin