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Fantastic Firework Tattoos for New Year's Eve | Critical Power Supplies

Last time we took a look at some fabulous firework tattoos was on the 5th November to commemorate Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Night as it's often referred to.  This week we're looking at firework tattoos for a totally different reason.  Heavily associated with New Year's Eve, fireworks play a big part in saying goodbye to the last night of the year, and of course, welcoming in the new year at midnight!
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock a brilliant range of Critical Tattoo Power Supplies, we wanted to show you some of the beautiful firework tattoos we've came across, full of colour and vibrancy, to get you in the mood for New Year's Eve.  Whether you'll be singing Auld Lang Syne around a bonfire in a field with a bottle of prosecco, or if you prefer enjoying New Year's Eve from the comfort of your own home with a cup of tea in hand, we're sure you'll really love these fantastic firework-themed tattoos!  

A gorgeous set of rocket fireworks, ready for lift off.  This new school style is really cool, and a wonderful twist. 
A beautiful scene of a brother and sister watching some lovely fireworks in the distance.  What a great way to welcome in the new year?

This tattoo is AMAZING.  Done using UV ink, the London skyline scene is gorgeous, featuring blasts of some brilliant fireworks.  We love it. 

A lovely waterclour style intricate piece.  The soft and subtle blues and pinks in this wonderful tattoo are gorgeous.  The perfect way to commemorate a new year!

This tattoo is incredible.  With a mish mash of brilliant colours bursting from the fireworks, the dripping watercolour design that flows from the firework's centre is just gorgeous. 

An incredible galaxy scene featuring an array of planets, decorated with some gorgeous fireworks.  The blues and purples in this dark but wonderfully lit scene are amazing. 

Last but not least, this traditional style firecracker is perfect.  New Year will certainly go off with a bang with this little tattoo! Excellent work. 
We hope you've enjoyed marvelling over these lovely firework tattoos as much as we have. They're all really beautiful in their own way, and the bursts of mesmerising colours have us in awe. It's the perfect way to get in the mood for New Year's Eve!  If you've created any firework tattoos, then why not get in touch with us and show us your work?  Leave us a little message in the comment box below!  If you want a Power Supply that is just as powerful as a firework then look no further!  Head over to our webstore where you can shop the full range of Critical Power Supplies now. 



Love Toni


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