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Fantastic Food Tattoos! | Cheyenne Tattoo Machines



So, over the Christmas and New Year period, I'm sure a lot of you guys overindulged and ate heaps of amazing food (that's what Christmas is for, right!?).  I certainly did, and now I have the January blues and am currently on a bit of a health kick, living off salads and porridge oats!  I'm a huge fan of food, and although I don't have any tattoos showing my adoration for it, I'm in complete adoration of those who do! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we stock a range of Cheyenne Tattoo Machines, and over the Christmas period, a lot of our customers treated themselves to a brand new shiny tattoo machine, and rightly so!  Let's beat those January blues and have a look at some other tasty treats in the form of fantastic food-themed tattoos!  


I'm a big fan of this traditional style burger piece from Alex Delacosa.  I love a good burger, it's most definitely one of my favourite foods, and Alex has captured each component of the burger just brilliantly!
Look at this super-sweet Ice Cream Sundae piece from Niamh Coughlan!  Another traditional style tattoo - this is excellent and a really clean piece of work. I have a huge sweet tooth, and I particularly like the little wafer heart, I think it's a really cute touch!
Extremely cool neo-traditional piece from Danny Taylor.  An OVO themed raptor hot dog! The little ketchup bottle he's holding is such a great touch to it, and I like the wave of mustard going down the hot dog!
I'm a big fan of Japanese food, and I'm partial to a bowl of Ramen! This one from Biee Sae-Tang is awesome, and I love the frog that's looking down on the bowl.  
What a wonderful Dairylea tattoo!  A healed piece done by Becci Boo - I'm guessing her customer was a huge fan of this iconic cheese!  I haven't had Dairylea since I was around 13 years old, but I'd actually really like some now!
This last piece from Jesse Rix is phenomenal. A realistic dessert themed piece, featuring raspberry cheesecake, strawberries, and a delicious looking cupcake!
I hope you enjoyed looking at these tasty food-themed tattoos (I certainly did!).  Which food tattoo was your favourite?  Let us know in the comments section underneath!  Don't forget, next time you want to treat yourself, why not take a look at some of the Cheyenne Tattoo Machines we have on our website?
Love Toni...
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