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Friday 13th Tattoos for December | Environmentally Friendly ClipCord Sleeves from EcoTat


The month of December saw another Friday the 13th, the second and last one of 2019 (which funnily enough falls exactly 13 weeks after the last one!). Friday the 13th is quite often a big day for tattoo artists as it’s a day that’s heavily associated with the tattoo community. ‘Friday 13th tattoos’ have become immensely popular, with tattoo artists offering a limited selection of set flash which is often loosely based around the number ‘13’ or has some kind of lucky element to it. As £13 is a really small amount to charge for a tattoo, many artists will charge £31 for their Friday 13th designs, which seems much fairer!

Although the number 13 is unlucky for some in mainstream society, with many hotels and big buildings refusing to have a ‘floor 13’, in the tattoo world it’s often seen as being the opposite of unlucky, and it’s a popular number that features in tattoo culture.  It’s unclear it’s deemed as being a lucky number for tattooers, but some think it’s because those in the tattoo community may view themselves as being somewhat separate to others in society, so the norm of the unlucky 13 does not apply for tattooists.

The number 13 gets a pretty bad rep, and there are a few reasons for this.  There were 12 disciples that joined Jesus for the Last Supper, and on Friday 13th, Jesus was betrayed by a 13th member, Judas, which lead to his subsequent persecution and death.  In some ancient European cultures, there were said to be 12 good Gods, and 1 evil God.  The evil God 13 was known as the ‘13th God’.   As well as this, the number 13 is commonly associated with witchcraft.  A ‘Sabbath’; which is a meeting of witches requires at least 13 witches to be present, but a ‘coven’ of witches only consists of 12 witches, so the devil would be invited as the thirteenth attendee… spooky!  

Although the number 13 doesn’t seem to be losing it’s ‘unlucky’ status in society any time soon, if you’re a fan of tattoos then you’re certainly in luck, because Friday 13th tattoos often make for the coolest little additions, and at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock environmentally friendly Clip Cord Sleeves from EcoTat, we love a good Friday 13th tattoo, and we’d really love to hear from you if you’ve created any recently, or if you’ve had one done for that matter.

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Love Toni

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