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Great Geometric Flower Tattoos | Buy Yayo Familia Tattoo Process Butter online


Geometric flowers are an incredibly beautiful theme for tattoos. Usually done in a traditional style, geo-flowers consist of a continuous repetitive bold flower design.  Mathematically, they are perfect and are rarely ever asymmetrical or inconsistent (aside from when the artist incorporates some leaves that flow either side of the petals). Geometric flowers, similarly to Mandalas are all about balance, symmetry, and consistency.   Mandala tattoos consist of a concentric pattern, usually with a floral type of structure that represents balance and harmony.  The geometric flower is not far off from this.  Some are really detailed, others more simple with big bold leaves and patterns. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Yayo Familia Tattoo Process Butter online, were huge fans of geometric flower tattoos, and wanted to share some of the beautiful geo-flower tattoos that we’ve recently came across! Our brilliant sponsored artist Niall Shannon specialises in geometric flower tattoos, and has seen a great demand from his customers for these stunning designs, regularly producing incredible geo-flowers in his signature traditional style. 

If you love geometric flower tattoos, then you'll love Niall's work.  Check out some of his amazing geometric flower tattoos right here!...

First up, a stunning neck piece featuring some gorgeous muted hues. We love the neo-traditional twist on this, with the beautiful asymmetrical leaves.

A superb hand tattoo from Niall, featuring some lovely white highlights that really set the tattoo off and make it stand out even more. The pattern here is stunning and the balance of colour throughout the tattoo is perfect. 

A mechanical themed tattoo with a really bold and simple geometric style. It just goes to show that not all geo-flowers need to be overly detailed and intricate.

A giant knee piece! This one is particularly detailed, and one of our favourites from Niall. 

This one looks like it may have been painful, but completely worth it given the incredible end result. A really bold dagger running through an intricate geometric flower.

We hope you’ve enjoyed marvelling over these beautiful geometric flowers as much as we have. To see more of Niall’s amazing work, make sure you follow his Instagram page @niallshannon_tattoo to see some more gorgeous geo-tattoos. If you’re in need of some new process butter, then head over to our store where you can buy YAYO Familia Tattoo Process Butter online, along with the rest of the excellent YAYO range. 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin