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Gruesome Zombie Tattoos | Eternal Ink Zombie Colour Range


Zombies have became very popular in mainstream culture in recent years.  Thanks to TV shows like The Walking Dead, (which was adapted from a comic book), Zombies are ever present o our television screens, and it looks like they're here to stay!

Zombie films are also really popular, with the Evil Dead franchise which was once a cult classic, is now more popular than ever.  Zombies are everywhere!  In films, t-shirts, games, and much more.  They've always been a really popular subject matter for tattoos, with people taking reference from pop culture, and also coming up with their own flesh-eating designs and ideas.  The possibilities are literally endless with zombie tattoos in terms of colour, content, and style, and with Halloween coming up, Zombie tattoos are ever present. 
As stockists of the Eternal Ink Zombie Colour Range, we're getting into the Zombie spirit this Halloween, and we wanted to share some of the gory Zombie tattoos that we've encountered.  If you're a fan of all things horror, then check out these gruesome Zombie tattoos!

First up, this old-school style Zombie tattoo done by Ryan Wilsyon is super-creepy, and really cool!  We love how simple it is, and the choice of colour.  What a great piece of work. 

Bobby Badfellow creates some really cool cartoony tattoos, and this Zombie Micky Mouse is brilliant!  We bet you've never seen Micky feasting on brains before?

An excellent realistic Zombie piece done by the incredibly talented Evan Olin.  The detail here is amazing, and Evan has captured the Zombie's vacant and sinister eyes perfectly. 
This one is a real cutie!  Done by Eso Mc, this happy little Zombie sports a ghostbusters tee which we think is a lovely touch. 

A neotraditional Zombie hand done by Roland Dudek.  A perfectly gory piece for a fan of Halloween.  The long red nails and the nail file are a really nice touch. 

An old-school Tarman piece done by Dan Gagne.  We think Zombie tattoos really suit a traditional style, and this one is amazing. 

We're not sure who has created this brilliant backpiece, but we know for sure that it's a superb tattoo.  The green hue of the skin here is particularly gruesome, and it's the perfect piece for a Zombie fanatic. 

A super-gory tattoo done by Mark Matias.  The Zombie's yellow eyes are utterly terrifying, just how a Zombie should be!  Excellent work. 
So there you have it!  Some ghastly Zombie tattoos to get you in the mood for Halloween.  It's great to see Zombies in all shapes and sizes and styles, some cute, some gory, and some just simply terrifying!  We'd love to see some more styles of Zombie tattoos, so if you've created some then why not get in touch?  If you're going to be creating some Zombie themed flash for Halloween, then don't forget to check out the Eternal Ink Zombie Colour range over on our website.  




Love Toni

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