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Halloween-themed Kewpie Tattoos That Are Cute 'N Creepy - Buy Flesh Tone Tattoo Ink Online

Spooky season is here! Halloween-themed tattoos are surfacing all over Instagram, and we're seeing a lot of cute and creepy Kewpie tattoos in the mix.  It may be the spookiest season of the year filled with horror films, scary outfits and ghostly decorations, but it's also the perfect excuse to get an adorable tattoo - which can be equal parts creepy and cute! 

Kewpies are delightful dolls which first appeared in a political comic strip in the early 1900's by cartoonist Rose O'Neill.  They became extremely popular with the public, and are now in demand with antique doll collectors.  The chubby faced cherub-like creatures (inspired by Cupid himself) are also popular subject matter for traditional tattoos, and they're extremely versatile - so you can pick any theme for your Kewpie doll tattoo, and it's guaranteed to work!

From Vampire Kewpies to Devil Kewpies, and every horror movie villain in between, there's so many possibilities when it comes to these cute and cuddly figures, so why not check out these adorably spooky Halloween Kewpie tattoos?

Done by Alvin Aldridge

Done by Mayke Cuijvers

Done by Cody Lonsway

Done by Show Pidgeon 

Done by Gabby Maravelas

Done by stephaniexcuevas

Done by Rene Mvrie 

Done by Jake Bailey

Done by Heidrizo

Done by Megan Parker

If you're a fan of Kewpies and have created your own Kewpie tattoo then why not get in touch and share your work?  Whether it's a Halloween themed kewpie, or just a regular Kewpie, we'd love to hear from you.   
If you're going to be creating any cute Kewpie tattoos this Halloween then why not check out or store where you can buy Flesh Tone Tattoo Ink online?

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  • Antonia McLoughlin