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Beautiful Big Cat Tattoos by Stephanie Melbourne | Orange Tattoo Ink


We love animal tattoos here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, and a personal favourite has always been big cat tattoos, especially lions and tigers.  These can be done in a really colourful manner, with as much or as little decoration as possible, and they also look brilliant in black and grey. 

Our Sponsored Artist Stephanie Melbourne has created some absolutely stunning big cat tattoos, and today we wanted to check them out.  From bright and bold neo-traditional tigers to super smooth black and grey lions, we're in love with these brilliant big cat tattoos!  Take a look... 

A ferocious neo-trad knee tattoo. We love this three-eyed tiger. 

This jewel-adorning lion is absolutely beautiful.  We love how Stephanie adds shiny gems and jewellery to her animal heads to give them a really pretty feel. 

This tiger has the most piercing green eyes.  Amazing work from Stephanie. 

What an incredible piece! This is definitely one of our favourites. 

This black and grey lion is absolutely stunning.  Not only does Stephanie produce amazing neo-traditional work - she also excels at black and grey tattoos. 

'I am woman, hear me roar'.  A super-stunning tattoo with some really cool script. 


We're constantly in awe at the amazing animal heads that Stephanie tattoos, and we particularly love these brilliant big cat tattoos. Her customers know they can trust her to come up with the most phenomenal big cat designs, and we love seeing the new tattoos she creates.  If you're a fan of neo-trad tats in the form of big cats then make sure you head over to our website where we stock an incredible range of orange tattoo ink for those lions and tigers. 



Love Toni

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