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Incredible Head Tattoos | Radiant Ink Trad Set

Head tattoos are great for those who want maximum visibility when it comes to their tattoos, but equally, they can be particularly discreet if you want them to be, which is the beauty of head tattoos. If you choose to wear your hair in a really short or shaved style, then you can proudly display your head tattoo to the world all the time.  If you don't want your head tattoo to be in complete visibility at all times, then you have the option to grow your hair to cover it as much as you want.  
Many people choose to have their head tattoos covering the side of their head, and leading on to the side of their face by the ear which is a really cool look.  This look is quite often favoured by females with long hair, and we think it looks wonderful.  The general consensus is that head tattoos are extremely painful, and the constant vibrating on your skull during the tattoo process can't be a pleasant experience, but for those who opt to get head tattoos, the pain is completely worth it. 
We've seen an array of incredible head tattoos recently.  Quite often these are in an old school traditional style, but we've also encountered a lot of geometric style head tattoos, and neo-traditional head tats that look stunning!  As a supplier of the Radiant Ink Trad Set, we love all things tattoos, and we've picked some great head tattoos for you to see, so let's check them out! 


Done by the incredibly talented Courteny Anderson - we love this geometric flower piece that's positioned beautifully on the side of the head. 
A amazing traditional piece done by Filip Henningsson. Looks totally painful, but definitely worth it! 
Done by Jose Contreras. It's a little less common to see a realistic tattoo on the side of the head, and we think Jose has done an excellent job here with this shark piece. 
We love this stunning rose piece done by Paul Terry.  Paul is known for his beautiful neo-traditional rose tattoos, and this one is incredible. 
Another wonderful neo-traditional piece done by Piotr Gie.  We really love this bold wolf tattoo on the side of the head!
Another one done by Piotr.  This one is insane!  Right at the top of the head, we bet that even though this was probably very painful, it was totally worth it. 
So there you have it, some excellent head tattoos that although may be pretty painful at the time, the end results are astounding, and we really admire the tattoo artists who've made them!  If you're into traditional tattoos and want to find the best set of traditional tattoo ink colours, then make sure you check out the Radiant Ink Trad Set over on our online store.  If you've had your head tattooed and would like to talk about your experience then make sure you leave us a comment below. 
Love Toni...
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  • Antonia McLoughlin