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Incredible Ice Lolly Tattoos | Buy Tattoo Studio Lamps Online

This week we’ve seen temperatures soar with highs of up to 38 degrees, which is reportedly the 2nd highest temperature recorded in British history. We’re not too accustomed to this kind of heat in the UK, and everywhere across the country, Brits have been trying desperately to cool down and combat the unexpected heatwave.

With the rising temperatures were seeing a huge influx of Tattoos, with people showing their skin now more so than ever in the hot climes, and what better way to cool down than to treat yourself to an ice lolly themed tattoo in this scorching hot sun? We’ve recently came across some super cute ice lolly themed tattoos that go perfectly with this climate.
Check them out right here..  

A really cool Twister lolly. The nation’s favourite! 

A mouthwateringly fruity ice lolly.

A cute and simple single needle ice lolly. It’s the little things! 

A cute and colourful popsicle. 

A gorgeous Minnie Mouse ice cream from Hanah Elizabeth. 

A FABulous FAB ice lolly 

Last but not least, a tiny little ice cream ear tattoo 

We hope these incredible ice lolly tattoos have helped to cool you down in this unbearable heat! Getting tattooed in the hot weather isn’t always ideal, and can be a pretty uncomfortable experience, but for these super cool ice lolly tattoos we’re sure we can make an exception! Make sure you head over to our website where you’ll find a huge range of tattoo studio lamps online.

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin