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Incredible neo-traditional pop-culture portraits by Matt Youl | Radiant neo-traditional tattoo ink set


Everyone loves seeing a tattoo of a well-known or recognisable face, especially when there is an instantly visible likeness to that person in the tattoo.  Although realism tattoos are really popular for pop-culture portraits of celebrities, famous people, and movie characters etc, it's not the only form of tattooing that can do a really good job of portraying this kind of subject matter!  Neo-traditional style celebrity tattoos are a great way for people to showcase their love and adoration for their favourite singer, actor, or personality, and tattoo artist Matt Youl excels at this kind of work.

Situated in Birmingham at the well-known Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour, Matt specialises in neo-traditional tattoos, and has a knack for creating some amazing neo-trad style portraits. From Ken Jeong to Bob Ross, Matt captures the likeness perfectly in all of the portraits he does, and we've collated some of our favourite celebrity portraits that Matt has done in his own cool neo-traditional style.

For neo-traditional artists, the Radiant neo-traditional tattoo ink set is perfect for creating neo-trad pieces, and includes 'Bamboo' and 'Copper', which are great for incorporating into skin tones. If you love neo-traditional portraits, then why not check out these incredible neo-traditional celebrity faces by Matt Youl? 

First up, we're in love with this Debbie Harry tattoo. Perfect if you're a Blondie fan!  Her likeness is captured brilliantly here. 

A fitting tattoo for all of you Halloween fans. This Freddiy Krueger piece is seriously haunting.  The expression on his face is gruesome, and Matt has captured all of the bumps and burns in Freddy's face perfectly. 

An incredible Leslie Chow piece that recently got quite a lot of attention, with Leslie himself re-tweeting the tattoo!  We think he was really pleased with it. 

A gorgeous Ziggy Stardust piece that Matt created.  If your a David Bowie fan, then this is definitely the kind of tattoo for you.  A lovely ode to an amazing rockstar. 

The man himself, Snoop Dogg. This is one of our favourite tattoos that Matt has done.  The way that he has nailed every last detail in Snoop's beard and moustache is insane. 

A laughing Brick Tamland from Anchorman. Brick's humorous expression is fantastic!  Excellent work from Matt. 

If you're an art lover, then you'll love this Bob Ross tattoo!  It's lovely how Matt has incorporated one of Bob's scenic paintings in his rather large hairdo.  A great idea, from a great artist!

Last but not least, this Kanye West piece is just fabulous. We're sure Kanye would approve, as Matt has captured his likeness brilliantly!  He's even included the South Park version of Kanye at the bottom, which we think is a great touch. 

We hope you've enjoyed looking at these excellent neo-traditional tattoos by our incredibly talented Sponsored Artist Matt Youl.  We're so happy to have him on our team of Sponsored Artists, and can't wait to see more of the lovely neo-trad work he produces.  Why not get in touch and let us know which one of these pop-culture portraits you love the most?   If like Matt you're a fan of creating neo-traditional work, then make sure you check out the Radiant neo-traditional tattoo ink set, available right now on our website. 

Love Toni

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