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Carnival and Circus Tattoos for National Carnival Day | Luis Bonilla Colour Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink

February 26th is 'National Carnival Day', and if you're anything like us then you'll love a good circus!  Circuses and Carnivals have always been exciting events surrounded by an air of mystery and wonder. Whenever there's a travelling circus in town, the locals will always flock to see what kind of weird and wonderful thing it has to offer. Often, the peculiar and breath-taking sights at the circus can also be a beautiful inspiration for tattoos. 
Whether it's a bearded lady, a magnificent tiger, tight-rope walkers, or a cute little elephant playing with a ball on its trunk, there's so much inspiration that can be taken from the circus when it comes to art work. We've spotted some incredible circus themed tattoos, from creepy clowns, knife throwing acts, to decorative circus tents
The circus is all about people who want to stand out from the crowd, and more often than not, people who love tattoos also love the idea that tattoos allow you to break from the mold and make you look even more unique.  If you're into bright colours and all things bold, then at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the Luis Bonilla Colour Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink, we're sure you'll love these stunning carnival and circus themed tattoos.  Take a look!

First up, this old school circus clown tattoo is AMAZING.  He's bold and bright, and carries a knife in his mouth (which he has possibly just been juggling!). Excellent work. Artist unknown. 

This fortune teller tattoo is beautiful.  It wouldn't be a carnival without a fortune teller to give you spooky insights into your future in exchange for some gold coins. Artist unknown. 

We love this circus tent tattoo. It's simple yet stunning, and has an eerie sadness about it. Artist unknown. 

Circus tattoos don't always have to be bright and bold, and this pair of trapeze artists is gorgeous. One of the most nail-biting acts to watch, the trapeze artists are always graceful and brave. Artist unknown. 
One of the most dangerous acts of the show.  The lion tamer. Artist unknown. 
The cutest of tattoos! A gorgeous little elephant balancing on a ball. We love the decorative hat and shawl that he wears. Artist unknown. 
The knife throwing act always has us on the edge of our seats! This beautiful circus lady braves the knives that come hurtling at her. Artist unknown. 
No carnival would be complete without a carousel.  They're often beautiful and mysterious and are always very decorative, so make for lovely tattoos, just like this one. Artist unknown. 
If you're heading to any circuses or carnivals for national carnival day, then we're sure you'll find tonnes of inspiration in the beautiful sights you gaze upon. The air of mystery and wonder surrounding the circus is intriguing, and just like with tattoos, they're unique and wonderful! 
If you're planning on creating any bright and bold circus tattoos then why not check out the Luis Bonilla Colour Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink, which contains 16 stunning tattoo inks in a whole host of bold colours. 




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  • Antonia McLoughlin