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Marvel at these Monster Tattoos | Radiant Tattoo Ink Laky Gore Set


With just over a week to go until the creepiest day of the year, we’re really getting into the Halloween spirit here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies! Of course, we’ve been marveling over a tonne of spooky tattoos in preparation for October 31st, and this week we’re looking at ‘Monster’ tattoos.

Monsters, demons, creatures, and killers - whatever form they may take, they are certain to be terrifying! Featuring in horror films, pop culture, comics, and books, these monsters have their own unique eeriness about them, with different twisted personalities and horrifying traits. From Freddy Krueger – the stuff of nightmares, to Pennywise the Clown, if you’re a fan of horror then there are plenty of horror movie monsters to choose from if you’re looking at getting a terrifying tattoo this Halloween! 

Master of horror and gore tattoos Laky has just released a new ink set, the Radiant Tattoo Ink Laky Gore Set, which consists of a range of dark and menacing colours, which are perfect for creating gruesome horror and gore tattoos. This is the ideal ink set for Halloween, and just a great set of colours for any colour tattoo artist to incorporate into their work. Why not check it out over on our website, and take a look at some of the amazing monster tattoos that we’ve came across! 

First up, an incredible traditional piece from the super talented Dan Gagne. His old school style monster tattoos are brilliant, and this demon from Insidious is insane. 

Another excellent piece from Dan, ‘Valak the Defiler', the demon from the Conjouring 2. This tattoo is super creepy, and we love it! 

An eerie Frankenstein's monster, done by Susannah Griggs. The way the colour has been put into this piece is just lovely. Although he’s a frightening monster, he has an air of beauty about him. Wonderful work. 

A horrifyingly creepy Dracula piece from our brilliant Sponsored Artist Ben Carlisle. We love the detail in this, and the gory set of teeth!

A super trad Creature from the Black Lagoon done by Martin Funcasta. One of the traditional monsters, who has quite a cult following. 

A stunning black and grey Bride of Frankenstein done by Angela Emr tattoos. This is a truly beautiful tattoo, with nothing terrifying about it. A gorgeous piece of work. 

Anyone who has watched the Annabelle movie will know just how terrifying the Anabelle doll really is! Her demonic grin is so haunting and Kimberlyn Sanchez has captured it perfectly here. 

An eerie piece from Kimberlyn. This monster is truly scary with it’s vacant eyes and menacing mouth. We wouldn’t like to bump into this creature at night! 

Done by the master of horror tattoos himself, Paul Acker, this Purge piece is amazing. One of the characters in a mysterious mask. Their hidden face evokes fear through their anonymity. A truly terrifying tattoo. 

Last but not least, another brilliant tattoo by Paul Acker. Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a Jason Voorhees tattoo! Paul has captured Jason's ghastly expression perfectly in this incredible piece of work. 

We really hope that you’ve enjoyed checking out these creepy monster tattoos. There are so many monsters and horror movie stars to choose from, it really can be a tough decision when it comes to getting a horror themed monster tattoo! If you’re planning on creating any monster themed tattoos yourself this Halloween then we’d highly recommend the Radiant Tattoo Ink Laky Gore set, so don’t forget to check it out on our web store! Happy Halloween! 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin