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Menacing Michael Myers Tattoos | Meta Workstation


This October, we've been looking at some of the most horrifying of Halloween monsters, and undoubtedly, the most terrifying character associated with Halloween is serial killer Michael Myers.  The main character in the original Halloween movie franchise from John Carpenter, Michael Myers is a troubled child who murders his sister and step-dad, and years later after escaping the asylum he's being held at, he goes on to terrify and butcher some other unfortunate residents of Haddonfield.  Wearing a William Shatner mask and a boiler suit, Myers is the epitome of evil, and he's the perfect spooky character for Halloween!

With all cult classic Halloween movies comes incredible fan tattoos, and over the years we've seen tonnes of amazing Michael Myers tattoos from dedicated horror fans.  Today at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the META workstation, we wanted to share some of the most spooktacular Michael Myers tattoos that we've came across.  Take a look...
Imagine the sheer terror of coming face to face with this guy on Halloween night?  A brilliant Michael Myers tattoo. Artist unknown

A spooky side profile view of Michael... Artist unknown
An excellent piece by Joey Hamilton.  We love the little pumpkin too!

A close up of the horrifying William Shatner mask... by Diogo Nunes.

The blue colours and the way in which the light is captured in this peice is brilliant.  We love that it also features the creepy mask seen in Rob Zombie's Halloween too, when Michael was a child. Artist unknown
Michael looking down on the Myer's residence.  A place of death and despair.  Artist unknown
A brilliant black and grey Michael Myers piece, with a very sharp knife. Artist unknown
We're loving this little traditional fellow.  The perfect Michael Myers piece for old school tattoo fans. Artist unknown

Last but not least, a seriously scary Michael Myers tattoo.  This one is the creepiest of them all.  His dead eyes are truly haunting.  Artist unknown
We can't wait to watch the incredible collection of 'Halloween' movies over this spooky season.  With a strong catalogue from the Halloween franchise to choose from, old and new, you can really give yourself the creeps this October with a Halloween movie night! We'd love to know which Halloween film is your favourite, so why not get in touch and tell us?  Don't forget, if you're looking for the ultimate workstation for your tattoo studio, then make sure you check out our website where we stock the META workstation online.


Love Toni

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