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More Facts and Stats about Tattoos | Best Tattoo Supplies Online

We love reading about anything tattoo related, especially when it comes to interesting facts and figures about tattoos. A while ago we looked at some weird and wonderful bits of tattoo trivia that featured a lot of historical information surrounding the art of tattooing.  We’ve recently came across some fun facts and statistics that focus mainly on current UK tattoo culture, (with some other interesting information thrown in there for good measure!). 

If you’re a tattoo artist  and want to find the best tattoo supplies online, then look no further. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies  we cater for all your tattoo supply needs. And, if you love fascinating tattoo trivia as much as we do, then we're sure you'll enjoy reading these interesting facts and statistics about tattoos!  From the most popular tattoo style by region, to another controversial 'Tattoo Barbie', find out some more interesting information about tattoos right here.

1. It’s estimated that in 2025, the UK will reach it’s peak point for the amount of tattooed people.  This is probably due to the rise of popularity of tattoos, and the generally accepting present day attitude towards them.

2. The United Kingdom is the most tattooed nation in the world, according to statistics. 

3. Birmingham is the most tattooed city in the UK. According to a study, 45% of tattooed people in Birmingham boasted between 11 and 15 individual tattoos, which is more than anywhere else in the UK.

4. A 2015 study revealed that the most popular style of tattoos for the people of London was dotwork and geometric pieces, such as Mandalas. 

5. Those in the North of the UK favoured big lettering style pieces. 

6. When a group of tattooed people in the United Kingdom were asked if they ever felt judged by their tattoos, only 7% of them responded ‘yes’. We would have expected this figure to be much higher, however the article does not state how tattooed these people were. 

7. According to statistics, the word ‘tattoo’ became the number one search term on the internet in 2002. 

8. 32% of Americans with tattoos claim that they are ‘addicted’ to tattoos


9. Following the release of the controversial Butterfly Art Tattoo Barbie in 1999, another tattooed Barbie was released in 2011. A, limited-edition Barbie by Italian brand Tokidoki gave the doll floral and Manga cartoon-style body art across her left arm, neck and chest.  Again, this was met with much criticism from parents who were angry about the ‘message’ that the tattooed Barbie was sending to kids. Personally, we think she looks great. 

We’re keen to find out more interesting facts and stats about tattoos, so we'd love to hear from you if you have any trivia to share with us! It’s always intriguing to find out facts about the tattoo world. Don’t forget, if you’re looking to buy the best tattoo supplies online then make sure you head over to our store where you’ll find a huge range of tattoo and piercing supplies. 




Love Toni

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