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Our Favourite Neo-Traditional Portraits from Matt Youl | Neo-Traditional Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink

Each week we love seeing the incredible neo-traditional work that Matt Youl has to offer.  Tattooing from Painted Lady Tattoo in Birmingham, Matt has been on our pro-team for a while now, and we're forever being amazed by the insane neo-traditional portraits that he creates. 

From celebrities to fictional film characters, there are so many amazing portraits that Matt has mastered in his signature style, and today we wanted to share some of our favourites that we've managed to narrow down. 

If you're a lover of all things neo-trad, then check out the Neo-Traditional Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink over on our website, and make sure you keep reading to see some of the excellent neo-traditional portraits that Matt has done. 
First up, one of our all-time favourites from Matt - Frank Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. One of the most insane TV characters ever, played by Danny DeVito. 

A firm favourite of ours!  Snoop Dogg. We're sure Snoop would be extremely pleased with this neo-traditional portrait of him. 
Basil Fawlty, from the hit tv show, Fawlty Towers. You may be too young to remember this brilliant BBC series, but we're huge fans of John Cleese in this hilarious British sitcom.  
An amazing Ken Jeong piece!  Ken played Leslie Chow in the hangover, and actually shared Matt's tattoo of him on his Twitter account.  He obviously approved! 
Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth.  One for all you Marvel fans out there.  A phenomenal tattoo done by Matt. 

Heeere's Johnny!  One of the most iconic scenes and lines in a film, ever!  This Jack Nicholson tattoo is just perfect, and we love the added touch of the 70's style wallpaper too. 
Last but not least, and probably one of our absolute favourite neo-traditional pieces from Matt.  This Napoleon Dynamite piece is stunning. His galaxy style hairdo is gorgeous, and Matt has captured his likeness brilliantly. 
Why not check out more of Matt's awesome work over on his Instagram page where you'll find even more insane neo-trad portraits, and much more of his brilliant work?  Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section, we'd love to hear from you!  If like Matt, you enjoy creating neo-trad designs, then why not check out the Neo-Traditional Set from Radiant Tattoo Ink over on our website?


Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin