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Our Favourite Tattoo Machines From The Last Year - Best Tattoo Machines


When it comes to choosing the right tattoo machine, there are a few things to be considered.  Your tattoo style will often have be a big influence on the type of machine you go for, but for the most part, it's all down to personal preference.  With a choice of coils, rotaries, and also pen style tattoo machines, there's an endless variety of machines out there that will appeal to different artists for different reasons.  

A traditional coil machine is often a go-to choice for tattooers. Old school style tattoo artists tend to opt for coils, which are great for using larger needle sizes, and creating bold lines. They work well not just for classic tattoo styles but for all styles imaginable.   You'll generally need to have one machine for lining and a separate machine for shading.  They can be pretty noisy, and do require some maintenance and tuning every now and again.  They're more often than not the machine of choice when it comes to apprenticing and learning to tattoo. 

On the flip side, rotary machines will serve you well, especially if you're after something a little more aerodynamic with less vibration for those longer sessions.  There's generally a lot less maintenance involved with owning a rotary tattoo machine, and they're significantly quieter than coils. 

The recent introduction of pen-style tattoo machines brings another option into the mix when it comes to rotary tattoo machines.  These are becoming increasingly popular, and are an ergonomic option which give a complete freedom of movement.  They're also commonly used for some PMU tattoo procedures too.

When it comes to tattoo machines, it really is down to personal preference, and there are some great machines to choose from.  Why not take a look at some of our favourite tattoo machines from 2019/2020, and see which one you like the sound of?


Victor Portugal Liner
This liner machine from the Darktimes Machines range from realism artist Victor Portugal is designed to be used perfectly with round needles from size 3 up to 14.  It is designed to prouce solid compact lines, and features a silver contact screw for the best possible conductivity.  It has 8 wrap short coils, and a standard stroke of 3.7mm

FK Irons AIII Extractor

The newly redesigned Exactor III from industry leader FK Irons is made from  FK Iron's signature aircraft grade aluminum.  It has a revised frame geometry and is upgraded from its previous version for even less vibration.  It features an anti-slip guilotine vise which deadlocks all tubes.  A trustworthy machine from a trustworthy brand. 


Bez's Ego V2 Plus
The Little EGO V2 Plus is a super-lightweight rotary tattoo machine with a wrist friendly design. With the all of the weight shifted to create a more pen like feeling and eliminating wrist pain, the Little EGO V2 Plus Tattoo Machine is perfectly balanced for maximum needle control and balance. Made from high-grade scratch free plastics and coated in a special UV coating, makes the tattoo machine easy to clean and extremely light weight.  It features a new s
trengthened vice, and has a new rail system which means less noise and improved smoothness.  It weighs in at just 67 grams.

Bishop Wand
From Bishop Rotary, the Bishop Wand is available in 3 different options; Liner, Shader, and Packer. These machines were probably the most talked about tattoo machines of 2019, and they're like gold-dust! Each of the Bishop Wands boasts a brushless Faulhaber motor with custom winding to provide more torque and speed or a softer hit (depending on the type of Wand you purchase).  They have a smooth matte finish and the autoclavable grip is ergonomically designed to fit comfortable within your hand.  Artists swear by these machines, and they're by far one of the most popular machines of 2019 / 2020. 

ArtDriver F-Power Tattoo Machine
From Spanish company ArtDriver, the F-Power Tattoo Machine allows you to produce solid colours and lines with absolute precision.  There is a great selection of machines from ArtDriver, but we loved the F-Power machine in particular.  This machine combines ArtDriver's exclusive technology with a high quality maxon motor. This rotary is the perfect tool for artists that want a machine powerful, precise and relaxed.  Thanks to it’s spiral design, the precision of the hit is maintained and the twist-bar contracts on it’s own axis and pushes itself to it’s original form. This exclusive and patented system gives huge control of the stroke, and a coil machine sensation.

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited
This one is a brand new and innovative machine, which was only released in March 2020.  Cheyenne’s revolutionary first wireless tattoo machine! The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited integrates a whole power unit with the SOL Nova Pen. It offers a user-friendly rechargeable battery with a minimum running time of 5 hours and a fast charging time of only 3 hours.  The machine is operated with a single button that lets you control the output frequency of the machine by intuitive motion control (hold button + tilt machine). Because of the fast charging time and 2 batteries included you can run the SOL Nova Unlimited continuously.

FK Irons Spektra Xion
Probably one of the most popular tattoo machines of 2019, the Spektra Xion is a pen style machine from FK Irons, which offers a comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design which allows for optimal maneuverability. It features a convenient interchangeable stroke to suit different styles of tattooing, and the one turn give dial allows for adjustment of needle tension providing artists with more options and flexibility.  This is one we'd highly recommend!

These are just a handful of some of the best tattoo machines from 2019-2020, but there are even more great options to choose from.  From top brands like Cheyenne, FK Irons, Bishop Rotary, Sabre, Micky Bee, and many more, there's a tattoo machine suitable for all tattoo artists.  If you're looking for a new tattoo machine then why not shop around on our site?  If you've any queries about a particular machine then make sure you get in touch with us.  We'd be glad to help!


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  • Antonia McLoughlin