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Pawfect Pet Portraits from Charlotte Ann Harris | Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

Our brilliant Sponsored Artist Charlotte Ann Harris who works from Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour in Birmingham has a knack for creating beautiful pet portraits.   Animal themed tattoos are a personal favourite of Charlotte's, who takes her inspiration from artists such as Charlotte Timmons, Daryl Watson and Aimee Bray. 

Charlotte's recognisable animal tattoos are most often done in the form of neo-traditional style, however she's started doing more dotwork style animal tattoos created with Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink, which of course she excels at. 

Pet portraits are always extra special, as it's a permanent reminder of a beloved furry friend that can be carried everywhere.  Charlotte has created some stunning pet tribute tattoos and memorial tattoos for pets no longer here - and her customers are always amazed at her beautiful work.  Check them out here...

First up, a gorgeous little bunny tattoo that Charlotte recently created. We love the lilac coloured flowers here, giving it a really girly touch. 

A dotwork cat portrait done for a true cat lover. Even though it isn't Charlotte's signature style, she really loves doing dotwork pieces.


A beautiful husky memorial piece.  His blue eyes are stunning, and we love how bold the roses are, which really make the piece stand out. 

Some cute little mice perched on Pumpkins.  This piece is also perfect for Halloween lovers!  The colours in this tattoo are really eye-catching. 

This one is purrfect! 

A cute little kitty playing with a ball of yarn. Difficult placement, but a gorgeous tattoo. 

We're in love with this watercolour pet portrait!  Lucky the dog looks amazing in this style.

'Samson the Chocolate Dalmation'.  This is one of the most perfect pet tattoos we have ever seen.  

If you're ever in the midlands and fancy getting a tribute piece for your beloved pet then make sure you pop in to see Charlotte at Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour alongside her talented colleagues.  If you're going to be creating some pet themed tattoos yourself then make sure you check out our website where we stock Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink. 

Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin