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Pawfect Pooch to melt your heart | Ora Tattoo Wipes


March 23rd is National Puppy Day, (which is probably one of the best national days we've ever heard of), and we believe that the best way to celebrate such a wonderful day is by combining the 2 things we love most - pooches and tattoos! 

Any puppy owner will tell you that pups are particularly hard work.  No matter the breed of dog, they're energetic, inquisitive, and constantly crave attention - so if you're thinking of getting a pup then be sure you have the energy to keep up with them!  If a puppy isn't in the pipeline for you right now, then you can always get a puppy tattoo in the meantime!  They're low maintenance, cost significantly less than a new puppy, and you don't have to take them out for walks! 

We've collated some of the cutest puppy (and dog) tattoos we've came across this National Puppy Day, and we can't wait to share them with you!  Check out some of the most adorable puppy tattoos right here. 


A gorgeous little healed piece done by our lovely sponsored artist Georgiie Gibbs.  This little pup is absolutely stunning, and the flowers and leaves are a perfect touch. 


Look at those eyes! A super cute dog tattoo done by Charlotte Ann Harris,.  Stunning work!

Arguably the cutest pup from everyone's childhood.  We're loving this Spot the Dog piece done by Georgiie Gibbs. 


A healed piece from Charlotte Ann Harris. We love this customer photo of her Animal Crossing tattoo.  This pup was always the most adorable character in the game!


A beautiful abstract watercolour dog tattoo done by Charlotte Ann Harris. The washy colours here are absolutely gorgeous, and it's the perfect piece for a pet lover this National Puppy Day!


Two big beautiful puppers done by Stephanie Melbourne.  These are the cutest dogs we've ever seen, and we love Steph's gorgeous neo-traditional style. 


Last but not least, a really special tattoo for one of Stephanie's customers.  The sentiment is absolutely beautifu here, and it's such a lovely piece of work.  We're sure her customer is really pleased with this gorgeous piece. 


So there you have it!  Some pawfect pooch tattoos to celebrate National Puppy Day!  If you have a tattoo of your dog, then we'd absolutely love to see it! Head over to our comment section and leave us a message. We're always keen to see more pup tattoos so make sure you get in touch.  While you're here, why not head over to our shop page where you can check out some of our best-selling products including Ora Wipes Tattoo Wipes, which are a brilliant alternative to kitchen roll!


Love Toni


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  • Antonia McLoughlin