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Perfect Pisces Tattoos | Buy Eternal Keep it Wet online


The two interesting star signs that rule over February in the zodiac constellation are Aquarius and Pisces. The sign of Aquarius begins in January and ends in the middle of Feb, so this month we’re going to look some tattoos that represent the latter sign – Pisces.

You may or may not be a believer in Horoscopes, and the zodiac signs may be nothing more than a bit of mystical fantasy that is essentially meaningless, but many people feel guided by their zodiac sign and are strong believers in their horoscope.  There are certain personality traits said to be associated with each sign, with each of the symbols having specific likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. 

Pisces are said to be compassionate folk who are very intuitive and wise.  They’re into spirituality and enjoy spending time alone. However, this desire to be alone often makes them want to escape from reality, which can bring great sadness to them. These romantics absolutely hate being criticised and they hate ‘know it all people’, so be careful what you say around them! 

The Pisces symbol is represented by two intertwining fish, swimming in opposite directions – which symbolises Pisces hidden agendas. This makes for a great subject matter when it comes to tattoos, as the fish can be depicted in different styles so there’s so much that can be done when it comes to a Pisces tattoo! At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Eternal Keep it Wet online, we love Horoscope tattoos, so why not check out these Pisces tattoos with us.

First up, we absolutely love this Koi Carp inspired Pisces tattoo done by Julia Cuevas. It’s great to see an oriental twist on this star sign piece. 

Based on the Sacred Koi from Avatar: Last Airbender this intricate piece is stunning. The black and white Pieces fish are a great contrast. 

Another oriental inspired Pisces tattoo, this time featuring some Japanese style fish entwined in the Great Wave of Kanagawa. This is such a great idea for a Pisces tattoo. Artist unknown. 

Done by the talented Amalthea Tattoos, this lovely colourful Pisces tattoo has a beautiful flowing motion to it. The watercolour effect here is gorgeous.

Two very intricate fish that make up the Pisces symbol. Sometimes the most simple and smaller scale tattoos are the most beautiful! Artist unknown. 

Lastly, an incredible abstract purple Pisces tattoo done by the amazing Sasha Unisex. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these Pisces tattoos as much as we have. If you’re a Piscean then we hope you have a lovely birthday! On the subject of water tattoo signs, why not check out our website where you can buy Eternal Keep it Wet online to prevent your old inks from drying out?

Love Toni 

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