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Remarkable Royals Tattoos | Intenze Ink 54 Colour Set

Whether or not you love them or loathe them, this weekend there's no escaping the Royal Family!  The Royal Wedding between actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is upon us, so you'll be seeing tonnes of photos and videos of the Royals wherever you look.  For some people, the Royal Family are a cherished national treasure, so much so, that they've solidified their adoration for the Royals by permanently tattooing them on their bodies.  As a supplier of the Intenze Ink 54 Colour set, we're always keen to check out tribute tattoos, so without further ado, let's check out these remarkable Royals tattoos!
First up, a brilliant piece featuring a mysterious Queen Elizabeth II sporting a banner and some face tattoos.  A really cool black and grey realistic piece (artist unknown). 
A beautiful fan tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.  This stunning piece done by Danny Taylor is the quintessential Queen tattoo and we love all of the gorgeous touches on this, such as the tea and cake selection.  Danny has captured the Queen's character wonderfully, and all of the little details are stunning.  
A stunning neo-traditional Queen Elizabeth II piece by David Glantz.  This grey colour tattoo is absolutely incredible, and captures the young Queen's likeness perfectly.  Whether you're a fan of the Royals or not, we're sure you can appreciate this stunning tattoo. 
A wonderful Princess Diana tribute.  The artist here has captured the late Princess's likeness beautifully, and this intricate black and grey piece is truly gorgeous. 
A delicate and detailed black and grey Queen Elizabeth II piece (artist unknown).  This tattoo captures the Queen's beauty really well, and we're sure the Queen would approve of this!
There doesn't seem to be many Royal Family tattoos out there.  (We never came across any Harry, William, or Charles tattoos!), so if you happen to have one, or if you've created one yourself then why not get in touch and have your tattoo featured in our blog?  We'd love to hear from you, so drop a message in the comment section below!  If you're after some incredible tattoo inks then look no further - get hold of the Intenze Ink 54 Colour Set over at our online store right now. 


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  • Antonia McLoughlin